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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Video: April Not Fools Version 1.07

Remember when so many Murasaki debuts are all 8★ Oni? Well today's 1.07 update gives all three 7★ Oni charts. Plus do you want to know what the other April 1 exclusive song is? Check out our coverage below!

 君に桜ヒラリと舞う Kimi ni Sakura-hirari to Mau (3/5/5/7; 471 notes on Oni)
A traditional Japanese ambience song, having an abundance of various triples and even one 17-hit ddkk stream. This is a higher end 7★ Oni.

 あったかいんだからぁ♪ Attakai'n Dakara (3/5/4/7; 414 notes on Oni)
Using the more lively idol-like version and not the soulful ballad-like PV version, we see another nicely varied chain of triples (switching ddk-kkd are common) and large notes for the famed punchline. Watch the ending, because it's warm!

 ケラケラじゃんけん Kerakera Jyanken (2/2/5/7; 376 notes on Oni)
Our overall easiest pick in rating and also the highest BPM today, the upbeat song about the kids game might not be as kiddy as you think: there are a lot of longer clusters towards the final Go-go Time.

And the other limited appearing song only for today is...
 月下美人 Gekkabijin (4/6/7/8)
Playing to the password "Yellow Sun, Gorgeous Moon", Gekkabijin (lit. Beauty under the Moon) returns with Oni cut to 8★ Oni. We'll conclude at here and let Garyoutensei Series do the rest of the talking.

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