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Friday, October 3, 2014

Do You Want to be the King of Touhou?

The autumn run of the popular Touhou event Reitaisai starts November 24! Do you love Touhou? Do you have arrangement talent? Compete to become the King of Touh... No wait come back! There is Taiko stuff in here!

Of course, we would never put anything without even a bit of Taiko up here now, would we? Now where was I...

After the last time (May this year) Taiko no Tatsujin appeared in Reitaisai, the organizers are so happy they want Don-chan back for the autumn run. This time, there is even a nifty event before the real deal!

As an special, Taiko-focused, extended run of the already-ended King of Touhou ~Gather! Touhou Preformers!?~ contest, the Reitaisai committee is accepting Touhou Arrangement creations from everyone. Submitting to the contest and winning could potentially make your song playable exclusively in Reitaisai!

To qualify, simply submit your arrangement work by October 22 according to the given instructions (linked below). The winners, of the Touhou Taiko Prize (東方太鼓賞) and Reitaisai Prize (例大祭賞), will be announced by mid-November.

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