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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (29 May 2014) - Taiko Team's June livestream

In today's second blog entry, Etou announced yet another Taiko Team livestream event, which once again will be exclusive to Nicovideo users.

The event will air next week on June 6th, starting from 19.30 (Japan time) and lasting around the usual 2-3 hours time span. Here are the topics for this stream session:

First Tasting Party at Etou's Kitchen!
As a result of the successful Nicovideo comments campaign from the previous stream session (link), part of the stream event will be aired from current Taiko Team leader's kitchen, where Etou will prepare something tasty while taking part on our usual Taiko talks. What dishes will he prepare?

Donkama 2000 Evaluation Meeting with Linda AI-CUE!
In occasion of the latest entry for the 2000 series' debut, the Taiko Team will discuss about Donkama 2000's origins and other random trivia with Asahiko 'Linda AI-CUE' Ishikawa, the composer of all the 2000 songs.

More Taiko 3DS 2 footage!
The next Taiko console game will be released soon, so it makes sense to delve further into the game with the next stream session. This time, the focus will be put on the songlist, as the Taiko Team will let its viewers hear short bits from the game's new Namco Originals!

Taiko Arcade Tournament Finalists Intervies, Round 2!
Before the final stretch of last year's arcade event, the last 11 finalists will be interviewed throughout the livestream's span. Hear them as June 14 is appraching fast!

As a bonus, the Taiko Team will hold another Nicovideo comment contest for this stream, granting all sorts of different goodies for their fans once certain amount of comments are reached during the stream. The awards list will be made public next week, aside with the comments required to achieve them.

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