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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Twitter Snippets (19 November 2013) - Etou's Q&A about Sorairo Version's soundtrack CD

Q:激レア♪ソライロVer. プレミアムサントラCD!は、一般販売の予定はありますか?

Q:激レア♪ソライロVer. プレミアムサントラCD!の内容をチョット教えてください!
A2:しょうがないにゃあ・・・実はソライロVer.のボス曲でもある「ナイトメア・サバイバー」の【プロトタイプ版】を特別収録します!もちろん最終版も収録だドン!違いを見極めるドン! [...]

With all the Wii U-related stuff being revealed this week, we almost forgot to feature some interesting tweets from Etou about what is possibly the most wanted prize of the Sorairo Version lottery.

As previously stated, the album will have most of Sorairo's Namco Original tunes like Phoenix, Haryu and Jikuu Chou Jikuu 1-Ka. Nightmare Survivor will also be included in this album, with the addition of one of the song's "prototype" versions. Linda AI-CUE will join the fun as well, by including a "new song" from his 2000 series (though the quotation marks may be a little mystifying, like in the past iTunes albums...)! The CD's complete tracklist can be accessed from Donder Hiroba for whoever has joined the related lottery.

Unfortunately, Etou stated once more that there aren't currently any plans to release the album for sale. However, this won't exclude the possibility of having these songs in another public soundtrack release in the future!

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