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Friday, September 13, 2013

Taiko Wii U at the Tokyo Game Show 2013

Many of you have a legitimate worry in your minds about the latest console Taiko game: why hasn't Namco officially announced it on the blog? Though the Donder website is officially updated with the game's website, the Donsearch function loaded with its default songlist, and they're making no secret about it in their Twitter, there has been zero fanfare whatsoever about the reveal. Why is that so?

It appears that the main reason can be summed up with three words: Tokyo Game Show. As you can see from the image above -coming from Namco Bandai's event schedule website for this year's TGS- it appears that Taiko Wii U will be announced on September 20th in an half-hour reveal, mainly focused around the recent Taiko collaboration with Momoiro Clover Z (hence the collab song being in Taiko Wii U's songlist). That's for TGS's corporate section, but what about the weekend, when everyone can attend Japan's videogame fair?

Namco Bandai's booth will definitely show videos for this new Taiko console game, but there won't be any demos, unlike Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Chogouka-ban from last year. This fact is also confirmed by the game's web entry for TGS 2013, also in the same website (link). Will this still be a chance to see the game's trailer, as well as more of the default songlist?

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