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Friday, September 27, 2013

New Namco Originals revealed for Taiko Wii U!

Breaking news from the new Ustream! Full coverage will be done later as I haven't personally watched the stream (Lokamp most likely has, so expect to see more about it tomorrow!).

However a section of the stream was dedicated to this new console Taiko and a portion of its default songlist was revealed.....and it contains some of the most amazing songs released this past year and then some. (the rest of the genres remain the same)

Besides the four Originals we already know (Nightmare Survivor, Boku wa Shinse, Pastel Dream and Kuon no Yoru), eight others were revealed. Red means new songs, blue means console debut.
  • Atsumare Taiko Matsuri (あつまれ☆太鼓まつり!)
  • Shokou ~Dawn~ (曙光 ~Dawn~) (new Kikyoku song!)
  • Kimi no Akari (きみのあかり)
  • Zero no Nocturne (零の夜想曲)
  • Haryu (春竜 ~Haryu~)
  • SORA-VI Hinotori (SORA-VI 火ノ鳥)
  • Jinpuumaru (迅風丸)
  • Growing Up 
 The songlist will be updated soon! Stay tuned for more news and the rest of the stream information!

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