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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (12 September 2013) - Details about September's UStream session

As previously mentioned, today's Taiko Team blog entry isn't about the freshly-announced Taiko Wii U (although it's being acknowledged on the Taiko Donder page, as the game's website is now active), but it's instead focused once more in the arcade department... or something like that. The third and final UStream session about the tournament song's live note-charting is going to be aired soon, and here's what you have to know about the event.

After making what looks like a reference to a certain bemani rhythm game, this blog post starts right with this UStream's airing date: September 27th, 19:30 (Japan time fuse). This live broadcast will last for two hours and can be watched both on UStream and Nicovideo, as usual. Here are the five topics that will be featured in this appointment!

1) Live notechart-making with one of the Taiko Tournament 2013's Final songs

Like for the previous broadcasts, the notechart-making segment is the main event, involving once again another song from the latest CreoFuga contest. The song picked this time is Hurtling Boys, made by Sadakichi Ishikadasu (さだきち イシカダス). The Taiko Team already uploaded on Nicovideo a sample of the song (link), which looks nearly identical to the original contest entry.

2) Eto's inspection during the Area Elimination tourney phase

The 2013 Taiko tournament's second phase will begin the day after this broadcast, and some selected stores will be visited for the occasion by the current Taiko Team leader! Eto himself will announce which arcade rooms he will visit for the tournament trials, as well as the exact dates.

3) Impressions about the Final round's songs

In order not to be swarmed by questions about the Finals's songs during his arcade visits, Etou will talk a bit about the Taiko Team's impressions about the songs, as well as the issues occurred for the notecharts's creation.

4) Details about the Final round's organization

How the Final rounds will be organized? The Taiko Team will explain the route that all the Area Elimination winners will follow in the Final round, held in the Namco Bandai headquarters.

5) Namco Original revival poll!

During the broadcast's running time, Nicovideo users can take part of a live poll about the arcade revival of past Namco Original songs! Everyone can vote its favorite NO pick from a list posted in today's blog entry, and the two most voted songs will be featured in a future arcade update! The list of allowed songs is also shown below, featuring both old arcade-spawn songs and console exclusives. Which one would you choose?

1. Amanda
3. Happy & Peace
4. L・O・V・E
5. MEKADON ~Uchuu ni Kieta Meka Taiko~
6. SORA-I Earth Rise
7. SORA-II Gliese 581
8. SORA-III Heliopause
9. SORA-IV Bunpasong
10. SORA-V Cosmic Bird
11. Sweet Lay
12. Sweet Sweet Magic
13. Taiko Session ~Live Version~
14. Atashi Ikasama Koi wa Ikasama
15. Ikasama Pirates
16. Itoshi no Mille-sama
17. Unagi no Tamashii Rock
18. Eringi no Ekubo
19. Obsession Latino
20. Omochi de Mambo
21. Kimi no Akari
22. Crane City
23. Go Go Kicchin
24. Shishihagemai
25. Shining 65
26. Scroll Mika
27. Sport Digestdon ~Fill in The Sky~
28. Diet Padarise
29. Dajare de Oshare
30. Desert de Yakiniku (Sahara-hen)
31. Total Eclipse 2035 ~Shoujo no Jikuu Kaiki Nisshoku~
32. Dodododo-Donderful!
33. Don-chan Sekai Ryoko
34. Don-chan Ondo
35. Donko's First Date
36. Knitting High
37. Negaigoto☆Puzzle
38. Neko Kujira
39. Bubbly☆Queen
40. Hello! Don-chan
41. Future Lab
42. Buru-chan no Oyatsu
43. Mappy Ondo
44. Menkui Miracle
45. Ra Morena Kumonai
46. Ramen de Yo-Men!!
47. Love You☆Don-chan
48. Lovely-X
49. Rinda wa Kyou mo Zekkouchou
50. Wasure na Gusa
51. Wa-hu~ Ondo
52. Warera Muteki no Dokon Dan
53. Kissa Rain
54. Kimi ni, Romantic.
55. Kimi no Planet
56. Karui Zawameki
57. Tokoyami no Mori Prologue 「False God Resurrection 」
58. Taiko March
59. Taiko no Tatsujin・Ai no Theme
60. Taiko Samurai
61. Taiko Ranbu - Kaiden
62. Taiyou mo Yappappa
63. Takkyu de Dakkyu
64. Jigoku no Taiko Jiten
65. Shiro Neko Caramel Mugen no Wata Ame
66. Kaze no Naka ni Su o Kufu Kotori
67. Heisei Taiko Kaidou  ~Bachi no Onna~
68. Takara no Oka
69. Houkan no Kougetsu Middle Verse 「The Sighing Princess」
70. Mirai e no Kagi
71. Yumeiro Coaster
72. Youkai Dochuu Ki Ondo

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