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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yet another future update for Taiko 0

We've already crossed this road three more times in the past, and today we're on the early arcade upgrade hype again! From today, it's possible for arcade owners to buy the HDD upgrade kit for the 'Taiko no Tatsujin December 2013 Edition', another provisional and vague name for the next massive update for Taiko 0's never-ending journey (click here for more details). What do we know about this 3rd giant upgrade so far?

-) Planned for a generic December 2013 release date.

-) 278,000 Yen for the HDD upgrade, and 50,000 more if the arcade has not yet installed the camera for Katsu-Don and up. No news on how much the entire cabinet costs, but if available, it should be the same as the previous models: 998,800 Yen.

Credits to crystalsuicune for the find!


  1. It would be awesome if you could buy one, but I think they woulnd't ship to outside of Japan

  2. They actually do! Still, the basic Taiko 0 arcade model is required for the upgrade.