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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS Script: (3-4) Jealous Lake: Mermaid's Dance Hall

Warning: may contain plot spoilers.

人魚のおどりば --- アクマーメイド (Mermaid's Dance Hall --- Evil Mermaid)

アクマーメイド「わたしのみりょくに メロメロでしょでしょ?


ラルコ「じゃまするやつには どいてもらうよ!



ラルコ「どんちゃん ナイス! いいかんじゃだよ!


Evil Mermaid: Are you captivated by my beauty? Well, are you?

Don-chan: She's cute...but scary too-don...

Raruko: Beat everything that gets in our way!


Don-chan: That was a strong enemy ta-don...

Raruko: Nice, Don-chan! That was good!

Script provided by Zekira

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