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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS Script: (2-3) Relax Chamber

Warning: may contain plot spoilers.

くつるぎの間 --- お面小僧 (Relax Chamber --- Omen-gosou)


お面小僧「え~ん なんでだろう? さいきん おどりのキレが わるいんだ
このままじゃ おどりこの しごとが なくなっちゃうよ。。。
キレキレな演奏で ボクの おどりのカンを とりもどさせて!


お面小僧「キレ味 ばつくん! おかげで またバッチリ おどれたよ
ボソッ(ちょっと まちがえちゃったけど。。。)
おくのほうから へんな けないを かんじるよ ちょうしをくずした げんいんは それかもなぁ。。。



Omen-gosou: U~m what's this? I don't feel that motivated to dance these days. At this rate I won't be able to do my job of dancing...Show me a sharp performance and bring my moxie back please!


Omen-gosou: That was great! Thanks to you I did a perfect dance. *bump*  (whoops, made a mistake there...)  I feel something weird coming from deeper in the cave, it must be what's causing my vibes to go off...

Script provided by Zekira

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