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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS Script: (1-3) Houst Forest: Buuko's Hall

Warning: may contain plot spoilers.

ブー子の庭 --- ブヒオをさがせ!(Buuko's Hall -- Find Buhio!)


だれが オラの ふあんなキモヂ おますれぇ演奏で いやしてくれねべかー

[finish ]

ブー子「ありがとう! すんげぇ キモヂ ラグんなっだよ
カレシのブヒオが森のおくから もどってこんねだぁ。。。
だれか わるぃやつに つかまってるにちげえねえ!

ラルコ「うーん とちゅう どこかのみちで まよっている かのうせいも あるなぁ~
でも きっとここにもどってくるよ!

ブー子「あい~!あんがとな!んだら もすブヒオさ 見っげたら
ブー子が ずっどまっどる そう つたえでける

どんちゃん「わかったドーン! そのときは まかせてドーン!

Note: Dialogue for repeat encounters remain the same.



Buuko: *crying* Can somebody easy my worried heart with a rousing performance?


Buuko: Thank you! That was really uplifting. Buhio hasn't come out from inside the forest...Maybe some bad guy captured him!

Raruko: Hmm, maybe he got lost along the way. But, we'll find him and bring him back! Don't worry!

Buuko: Aight! Thanks! When you see Buhio, take him back to me quick.

Don-chan: Understood-don! Wait for us-don!

Script provided by Zekira

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