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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Site improvement: Song of the Week and Feature sidebar update

For this to be noticeable, all you have to do...is look to your left! Yep, the Song of the Week and Feature Article menus have been updated with a new look.

Now they look more like actual, clickable pages rather than a list of text! With their own thumbnails too, depending on the first picture in the article. Though it looks like just a cosmetic change, it represents another significant thing to the authors of the site; whenever a Song of the Week or Feature article is published, this list is automatically updated (since it generates based on the latest posts of that label). Not only is it nicer-looking, it gives me and Lokamp some convenience too!

The widget design isn't finalized; I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the unnecessary blank space between the chatbox and the widget, blank space issue solved :) and the date format looks messy aw yes hurray for code manipulation! The date is now in bold, without the stupid inconsistent dashes and placed before the post title. I also plan to give them their own small header images in the future as well, to customize it more. As for the title of the Song of the Week not displaying any more? Well, shouldn't it be more of a surprise if you click it to find out what the song actually is? Haha!

Opinions? Comments? Suggestions? (especially because I can't test the mobile version of the site for this) Please do share them with us!


  1. Looks sweet. Pretty awesome improvement in my opinion.

  2. Oooh pretty :)

    But now the song title of the SotW is not shown. Whether it's a good thing (no spoilers) or a bad thing (too much surprise factor) depends on how you see it.

    1. PS. The mobile version has been the super compact post-only layout, and doesn't show the sidebar.

    2. Thanks for that :) I don't have a phone with me to try it out.