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Friday, August 23, 2013

3rd quiz questions

The Taiko Time 3rd anniversary quiz is now on! It's a much simpler affair than last time; only eight questions with no tables or whatever to fill in. Just send your answers to either my email address or Lokamp's email address (which you can find of the Contact/FAQ page) by the 31st of August!

All participants will get a small gift from me for participating; it's just for fun anyway! Good luck!


1.  Which version of Taiko was the first to have costumes of every animal in the Chinese/Japanese zodiac in it?

2. -The song has 616 notes on Oni.  
    - I played it once on a PSP, but never saw that song in an arcade before. Hope I'll be luckier next year! 
    - Hitballoons... I think there were 5 of them for the Oni chart

What song is this?

3. The number of points per note usually goes down as you move from Kantan to Oni, on account of the note quantity increasing. However, there is a song which gives out a maximum of more than 18,000 points for one note on Oni difficulty. This song was released within the last three years. What song is this?

4. Which three licensed characters send mail to the player upon playing their songs once in Taiko Wii 4?

5. How many songs from the Precure anime are in Taiko no Tatsujin?

6. Which arcade and console Taikos were released together on the same day?

7. Which 3 Taiko songs were playable in the make-believe arcade in Yakuza 5?

8. The SongIDs of Classic genre songs are typically cls***, where the stars are other letters. However there is one Classic song whose songID does not begin with 'cls'. Which song is this?



  1. 31 august : malaysia independence day!!
    (just saying lol)

  2. I don't know what number 3, but I really want to lol