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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (1 August 2013): Reminders for the Taiko Tournament 2013

Well, today's blog post is a reminder of what we've covered some pages back about the Taiko Tournament 2013 and its rules, so this post acts as a reminder, with answers to some questions that players have asked the team.

If you are participating in more than one arcade, you will be disqualified if you are in the top scorer list for more than one cabinet, so take note of that! The three songs used for the challenge are the CreoFUGA songs that were added in the update last week, and Shin-uchi rule is enforced. No modifiers or Taiko sounds are allowed.

Also another reminder to catch the Ustream that will be live tomorrow, for the live charting of the note patterns for D's Adventure Note, one of the songs to be used in the Area challenge on September. Be sure to catch it!

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