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Friday, May 11, 2012

Aruite Ikou and Kurukuru Kurokkuru first videos

Yeah I know, a bit late with these because of the huge news surge yesterday. If you haven't already seen them, these two are the newcomer songs in Taiko PSP DX's download pack for this month. First off, the new J-Pop, Aruite Ikou.

...the world of the low-tier Oni is a vastly different place now. This is rated as a 3*, but it features clusters you would not normally see in anything below 5*. And just look at the score! 900,000 for a song with only 277 notes?!

And then, HD of Kurukuru Kurokkuru, the new Namco Original. As mentioned in the earlier post, it's at 8* Oni.

The song is mechanical-sounding with very faint robotic vocals behind it, and although it may seem familiar (sounds like either the vocalist from mint tears or Sweet Lay), nothing is known about the artist yet. 615 notes, with one of the most annoying and confusing rhythm changes ever seen in a chart of this difficulty, shifting between 1/3 and 1/4 at will.

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