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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taiko PSP DX preview gameplay videos

Pastel Dream, from Futsuu to Muzukashii to Oni. All snippets from the same part of the song, which is probably towards the last chorus (based on the combo number on Oni). You can hear the Engrish pretty clearly too. Oni looks like a 9*, which is standard. If I'm hearing it correctly the Engrish this time is:

'I can be you happiness, Angel give me pastel dream'

What. The. Hell.

Wanya World, Futsuu to Muzukashii to Oni, again, same snippet from each difficulty, with the Oni one slightly longer. There's a human voice (Asami) alongside the two Vocaloids, actually, so Wanya World is sung by a trio. Nothing too intense, looks like 8* to me.


  1. Err... Boss... We've already posted these video weeks ago, with an update of the Taiko PSP DX site:


    ...do you remember? xD

  2. Oh crap :P I've been so caught up in news I totally forgot ahahaa

  3. Wait so Wanya World is Asami, Len, and Rin?

  4. Namco's statement was 鏡音リン・レンと下田あさみ, so yep, all three

  5. Looks like I'm going to be using the name Shimoda Asami more than once then~~~~~~