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Monday, July 18, 2011

Pikaby asks: Your favorite new PSP DX Namco Original song?

Alright, it's time to ask everyone a question about the pile of new Namco Originals in Taiko PSP DX and how much everyone likes them! Give your input- even Taiko Time editors and contributors are welcome.
The new songs are as follows. If you've forgotten what they sound like (and I don't blame anyone because it's an overwhelming number of songs), just click on the link to listen to them.

1. DokoDON MatsuRhythm
2. Ao no Senritsu
3. LOVE Ikusa!!
4. Wanya World
5. Shiro Neko Caramel Mugen no Wata Ame
6. SORA-V Cosmic Bird
7. Canadea (no HQ video, so link to mp3 file download)
8. Allnight de Indenai (no HQ video, so link to mp3 file download)
9. Magical Little Spaceship (no HQ video, so link to mp3 file download)
10. Inu Hoeru! (no HQ video, so link to mp3 file download) (all mp3s provided by anongos)
11. White Rose Insanity
12. Cycle of Rebirth
DL1. Pastel Dream
DL2. Nagisa no Andromeda

And I guess I'm obligated to give my own feedback on the 14 songs as well, so here goes:

1. By far one of the best theme songs I have ever heard, very reminiscent of Densetsu no Matsuri. Surprising that absolutely no one has uploaded any play videos of it yet.

2. Ao no Senritsu, although a 10* song, sounds like an inferior version of Senpuu no Mai. Didn't catch on with me, but at least it isn't a bad song.

3. This could pass for an anime opening theme (Precure was the first thing that came to mind)! So full of energy and positive vibes...I like it a lot!

4. Chaotic mix of (wo)man and Vocaloid voices. The song barely makes any sense, but the chorus is actually kind of catchy.

5. Kaori Aihara. You either like or hate her, but this song is for me, the best of her three songs so far after the fiasco that was SORA-IV. Loved the punctuation by the cat and dog sounds in this!

6. Not as epic as SORA-III or I, but it works fine and has a more space-like feel to it then any previous SORA song, with a lot of UFO sounds. And thank god for the lack of vocals!

7. Mika Sato's new song. Although I don't know what the title is, it's pretty good. The progressive slowdown parts didn't appeal to me though, but there are only two of these.

8. Oh god, what the hell is this...I don't know about everyone else, but this was a horrible song for me. The vocals are deliberately out of tone and uses the worst voices I have ever heard

9. My personal favorite of all the Namco Originals and I'm surprised not many people have wanted to give it a go on Youtube...The mixture of instruments make the song classy and playful at the same time, like gadgets moving on their own in a spaceship. It's lovely.

10. Generic 70's style rock song with howling sounds that only the most stereotypical of rock singers would emit from their lungs. Not good.

11. Sounds a lot like Kurenai, but WRI is in no way the epic musical score as we all hoped for when we heard the demo sample on Taiko PSP DX's website...It was probably intended to be completely different from Black Rose Apostle.

12. Not the best final boss song, but is way up there as one of my favorites as well. Both the vocals and song are tense and charged. It's just too bad it couldn't have been a little bit harder, eh?

DL1. Typical cute Angel Dream fare, which is always a good thing. I can be you happiness, angel give me pastel dream!

DL2. Am I the only one who expected a pure instrumental song when you hear the opening part? Well, it's not half bad with vocals either. Frenesi did a very good job on this. But what the heck is that in the special dancers?


Now, enough of me, what about you? Which of these 14 songs are your favorites, and why?


  1. ...can I vote for Magical Sound Shower? xD

    Jokes apart, I'm gladly surprised of the boss song, Cycle of Reverse. Once I've heard it, I can't remove it from my head! Really catching, indeed.

  2. Same here. Cycle of Rebirth is by far my most favorite. The notechart, especially during go go time, just fits in perfectly. Not surprising since if you listen to the drums, it's the exact same thing!

  3. still like White Rose Insanity plz.

  4. Cycle of Rebirth -- this totally needs to be played on the radios or something. It still doesn't compare to Hikari no Kanata He and Jigoku no Daiou, but it definitely should be looked at outside of a VGM perspective. Plus I still need to unlock this song D:
    Pastel Dream -- listening to it closely will actually reveal that it's still set differently from the other 2 Angel Dream songs while still being recognizably an Angel Dream, which IMO was a good thing. The Engrish just gets more non-sensical each time though :P
    White Rose Insanity - don't kill me now, but I really like this song. I'm not a fan of this genre actually, but for some reason I find it as catchy as listening to What Will Come of Me from DDRX (DDRX2?). Plus I think I mentioned that I keep imagining emo-Kyouki ♥♥♥
    DokoDON Matsurhythm - one of the most memorable opening themes, in my opinion. There's nothing much to say, just that it's definitely easy to love this song.
    Wanya World - let me admit something; the theme of a song's lyrics actually affects my choices much. I don't listen to Ren/Len Kagamine. It's just that the chorus. THAT CHORUS. Can't deny that you'll catch yourself suddenly singing the chorus randomly. The Vocaloid gibberish is kind of obligatory for songs like this; it's healthy for practicing vocal-ignorance, a skill very much needed for Pop'n Music and beatmaniaIIDX.
    LOVE Ikusa - I'm not versed in the realm of anime-theme-styled music, but this song is just asking for a PV to be made.

  5. SORA-V is my favorite, not sure why. It sounds cool and makes totally sense with the ambient(?) also remembers me some old games songs..

  6. Ao no Senritsu,of course.It does have some Senpuu vibes,but it
    hasn't replaced Senpuu's ranking in my list of fave Manco Originals.
    I still like this song though,and no,nothing to do with Tatsh.We don't
    even know if it IS his work yet.

    Shiro Neko whatchamajig is slowly turning into an earworm.I'm pretty
    ehhhh with the other two songs,but this one sounds alright to me.

    SORA-V…nope,I don't really like it much.I like SORA-I and III moar

    WRI…don't really like it either,maybe it's because I'm not too fond
    of visual rock.Quite a pity really,considering BRA's better quality
    (BRA could do with moar instruments,but that's something else)

    Inu Hoeru?I'm neutral about it,although its composer did make a PnM
    song before.

  7. Ignoring the DLs, I liked:

    4. Magical Little Spaceship - I think this would have done well as a SORA-VI.

    3. LOVE Ikusa!! - BOKU WA BOKU WA BOKU WA ZUTTO... (catchy lyrics)

    2. Ao no Senritsu - For the rhythm and the BPM.

    1. Shironeko - As Crystal said, it's becoming quite the earworm...

    I'm fine with DokoDON, SORA-V, Canadea, WRI and Cycle of Rebirth and Wanya's getting into the "bearable" territory, but I can't stand Inu/Allnight. -_-

  8. Also, after listening to Magical Little Spaceship a few more times, it reminds me of a VGM for another game (not sure what) and it's actually amusing me right now. I might actually like it much.

  9. @Zekira: Artist for Inu Hoeru is Makita Gakkyu (マキタ学級) -official site: http://kanemouke.jp/mg/

    MLS didn't remind me of any game I've ever played, but now that you mention it...yeah :P

  10. 1. Canadea. COS IT'S MIKA SATO.

    2. Shiro Neko Caramel... I'm glad people actually like this song this time round. I liked Total Eclipse 2035 & SORA-IV though so obviously I like this song.

    3. Nagisa no Andromeda. I want this song in the songlist... (I guess I just love dreamy tone songs...)

    4. Allnight de Indenai. (I'm a bit embarrassed to say this now though, nobody likes it :P)

    Pastel Dream sounds normal. Haven't unlocked Cycle of Rebirth. White Rose Insanity reminds me of Yuugao no Kimi even though it will never sound as good. AGREE WITH PV/ MAD VIDEO NEEDED FOR LOVE IKUSA.

    Namco Originals NEED to get out of Taiko no Tatsujin and be heard by everyone!

  11. I wonder when they'll release a new soundtrack, it's about time they did (anyone want to count how many new songs there have been since 3 years ago? XD)

  12. 伝説の祭り「densetsu no matsuri」 has been around a while since taiko 7 on ps2, so you should be able to find plenty of videos

  13. I was talking about DokoDON MatsuRhythm (ドコDON☆まつリズム), not Densetsu no Matsuri.

  14. Love!! Ikusa is my favorite...<3

  15. When I heard Wanya world..I thought my headphones were broken..XD the only good part was the go-go time ^^