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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (21 July 2011): Ao no Senritsu

This week it's the introduction to both the song and the lyrics of Ao no Senritsu (蒼の旋律), the new 10* Oni Namco Original from Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX which kind of resembles Senpuu no Mai in style, but has a different artist altogether. And yes, we know the vocalist is Sariya.
The composer is a newcomer to Taiko, simply called Aile (pronounced 'eilu', not 'ah-ilu', avoiding confusion with a certain popular game series mascot). The concept of the song was simple: to have an exciting, rousing beat which makes you want to dance and drum along to. Hey, now that reminds me of....Senpuu as well...lol.

The theme of the song's lyrics centers around dejection and hopelessness, then searching for dreams, ending with a line that says 'dreams are forever'. Kinda makes you want me to translate the lyrics, right? I could get on it pretty soon. Ao no Senritsu was envisioned by Aile to be a song that makes people want to challenge it, due to the high tempo and energetic beats.

Alright then, let's have Aile play her own song on Taiko....

....that hurt. On Etou's profile too, looks like he's already FCed the song, ahaha.

Anyway, after all that, a final message for Taiko Team's Ustream, which will go live sometime in August.  Stay tuned!

I promise lyrics translation when I'm not so busy~

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1 comment:

  1. Wonder what they're going to stream?

    When it goes live, someone post the link here ASAP please!