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Monday, July 25, 2011

For Japan's purification! Taiko PSP DX Boss Battles

Spoiler warning ahead.

There are 7 boss battles in Taiko PSP DX, which will be available as the player beats more and more dojos in all 47 provinces of Japan.

The story goes something like this: Miko-chan runs the mini-shrine dojo she inherited from her father when he passed away, but could never beat any other dojos in shrine battles and is feeling really hopeless. At that time, Don-chan appears out of nowhere from the Taiko on Miko-chan's head and with a bit of instruction, Don-chan miraculously wins his first shrine battle and absorbs some sort of dark matter from the opponent. The story progresses as Don-chan continues to suck up dark energy from the dojos he beats.

Guts Cannon (ガッツ・のキャノン)
Power: 150 thousand
Hit Points: 50 thousand
Song used: Rumble Ranbu

Guts Tank ambushes Don-chan and Miko-chan in the forest and challenges you to a battle. He looks hungry and lost and threatens to eat up Don-chan if he refuses! This is your basic boss battle and bomb notes are not haphazardly placed like they were in DS and Wii, rather they only show up when the boss attacks to cover up the screen (every boss will be like that). Guts Tank attacks by covering the screen with smoke and cannonballs.

Dokon Gang (ドコンギャング)
Power: 250 thousand
Hit Points: 100 thousand
Song used: Densetsu no Matsuri

Directly from Taiko DS2's story mode, the Dokon Gang jumps back again into Don-chan's latest adventure, but this time not just as cameo characters. Jealous of Miko-chan's dojo, they challenge Don for its possession! For some reason they seem to have forgotten ever meeting Don before. Like any typical school bully, the meeting point for the battle is in the park.

The first boss battle to ever use a console theme song. To recap the components of the team, the woman Botan is the leader, while her lackeys Nyanki and Dorabot do all the attacking.Nyanki covers the scroll bar using his ninja techniques, identical to his attacks on the DS as well.

Dokon + Dokon Gang (ドコン + ドコンギャング)
Power: 350 thousand
Hit Points: 200 thousand
Song used: LOVE Ikusa!!

Ready for a rematch, the Dokon Gang calls its powerful boss to get their revenge! Miko-chan acidentally angered Dokon by calling him a child (okosama, お子様), and the foursome meet up in the park again for a battle.

While Dokon will be the leader of the battle, his trio of minions will clash against the player's shrine. Botan will interfere during the song by using her signature moves from Taiko DS2: spotlights covering the front part of the scroll bar and some dust clouds, but instead of the spotlights covering the screen in darkness, the spotlights are so bright that it becomes hard to see the notes through the whiteness.

Guts Jet (ガッツ・ジェット)
Power: 500 thousand
Hit Points: 300 thousand
Song used: Sport Digestdon ~Fill In The Sky~

Miko-chan confuses this big-blue thing with Guts Tank from before (and oddly enough thinks both of them are cute), and Guts Jet reveals that it wants to bring Don-chan away to see their queen. Apparently the queen is interested in the energy Don is gathering and wants to eat him up. Guts Jet brings Miko-chan, Don-chan and the shrine up into the sky to battle more effectively. Miko is more excited about it than scared however.

Its attacks are based on missile launches, and the smoke covers a great part of the scrolling bar in a straight line.

Devil Don-chan (デビルどんちゃん)
Power: 600 thousand
Hit Points: 450 thousand
Song used: White Rose Insanity

Thanks to all the dark energy gathered from the other drums, the dark side of Don became stronger and stronger, until it finally materializes and takes control of Don's body. But thanks to Miko's magic power, Don-chan's dark side is taken away from his body and becomes a living being, accompanied by a drum army and a shrine similar to Miko's!

Devil Don-chan has a secret weapon: beams shot from his eyes which obscure the player's sight of the scrolling bar! Also the increasing scrolling speed of White Rose Insanity makes things a little bit harder than the previous boss fights, like Yuugao no Kimi did for Taiko Wii 2.

The remaining dark energy emanated from the last few unfought dojos will simply deflect off Don-chan and disappear, after this fight.

Guts Eater (ガッツ・イーテル)
Power: 750 thousand
Hit Points: 600 thousand
Song used: X-DAY 2000

As soon as Don-chan's dark side is defeated, this giant scorpion-like creature instantly picks it up and eats it whole! It's the Guts Queen, an entity from outer space and eater of worlds, and according to her, she ate her home planet as well! She loved this planet's energy so much and wants to gobble it all up! Although you meet this thing right after beating Devil Don-chan, you don't get to fight Guts Queen until all the dojos in Japan have been taken care of.

Unlike on regular play mode, X-DAY 2000 is made slightly easier for the boss fight for obvious reasons (it's actually a revised, harder version of the Muzukashii chart), however Guts Eater's obstacles still make it a very tough battle to win: it covers a large part of the scroll bar with food, and then even more of it when Guts Eater actually reaches down to eat everything.

Armage-Don (アルマゲどん)
Power: 999 thousand
Hit Points: 800 thousand
Song used: Cycle of Rebirth

After Guts Eater's defeat, it refuses to admit defeat and flies off, carrying back with it a giant asteroid with the intention to destroy Earth! The Guts Invaders's last weapon, Armage-Don, is a pun of 'armageddon' and is written with hiragana 'don' at the back to emphasize the meteor's resemblance to, surprisingly, Don-chan's face. This final match is played with a brand new song, Cycle of Rebirth.

By riding the Dokon Gang's Dorabot, Don and Miko try to repel the flying menace, but they give up on the first try after an overwhelming number of floating asteroids cover the entire scroll bar making it impossible to see any notes at all. But thanks to the positive energy gathered from all over Japan, Don-chan and the golden shrine are ready to fight once again! Though ironically, nothing changes at all: the asteroids still cover the entire scroll bar and is one of the most frustrating things to see through.

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  1. "Though ironically, nothing changes at all: the asteroids still cover the entire scroll bar and is one of the most frustrating things to see through."

    This was the part that seriously made me facepalm my way through the final stage, lol

  2. "Nyanki will use his"

    "will use his"


    Can someone confirm or something because I'm highly positive this is wrong?

  3. Nyanki is a girl? Wait.

    Oh god not this sh*t again.

  4. Cycle of Rebirth
    Mods: Hidden, Flashlight, Hard Rock

    for much rage 8D

  5. Namco, why didn't you use Taberuna as Guts Eater's song? *dissapointed

  6. LOVE Ikusa? For Botan..maybe..but for Dokon...owo

  7. @Saturn Ring: oh god your Taberuna comment. That would've been so epic 8D

  8. Which 3 assistants did u use to beat the last boss?