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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

First Video: God Song and a Blast from the Past

Packing quite a bunch on the cluster side, the latest Pops new entry is sure to tire some players to exaustion... even moreso with its top-rating Ura Oni and the many tricky cluster combos that lie within!

We also have to let you know about how one of the oldest songs in the 10-fold free Game Music pack, Tanoshii Taiko Dojo from the very first Taiko console game, is now geared with a full mode set for the first time, as well as a revamped base Oni chart to accomodate with today's difficulty spike trends that the song's final portion leaves room to. For those nostalgic donders, the song's original Oni (=Muzukashii) difficulty from Tatacon de Dodon ga Don is also included as the song's Ura Oni chart.

God Song Band Ja Naimon! MAXX NAKAYOSHI
ゴッドソング/バンドじゃないもん!MAXX NAKAYOSHI
Tanoshii Taiko Dojo

Some rating changes also occur for the two following tracks:
  • Boku no→Chikyuu Bokura no Chikyuu - Futsuu rating 3→4; Muzukashii rating 4→6
  • Katamari on the Rocks~Main Theme - Muzukashii rating 5→7