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Friday, February 7, 2020

Twitter Snippets (February 7th, 2020) - 4th Gen Taiko @ JAEPO, Day 1 Clipnotes

JAEPO has started! While we're waiting for tomorrow's livestream about the new family of Taiko arcade gaming's debut, several attenders to the yearly fair, such as the ones we've retweeted on our blog's handle throughout the day, have shared several photos of the new game in action, profiling some of the new layouts in advance.

Here's what we've gathered so far about them, with links to a related tweet whenether possible:
Stay tuned for the incoming Bandai Namco JAEPO livestream intel!


  1. I just saw that the Variety genre is still there according to Taiko no Tatsujin Wiki!

    1. Do not use the Green Version's song list (or any of the song lists for older games) for references. For the 4th-generation arcade, the Variety genre is now removed, and songs that were categorized as such were now moved to other genre.

  2. You're right. At least I wish they released the 2020 arcade in the West.