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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Twitter Snippets (19-30 July 2018) - Nintendo Players' Alternative Method to Play Taiko Switch

Despite the disheartening news of no Taiko peripherals coming to US and Europe with the localized Taiko games' coming, the players of the Nintendo Switch game might have another way to play the game with a certain peripheral from the past... provided that all the right material is gathered.

By connecting the Nintendo GameCube's Conga peripheral from the Donkey Konga games to a Nintendo Switch system through a Nintendo GameCube controller adapter (the one released during the launch of Super Smash Bros.'s Wii U version), it's actually possible to play Drum 'n' Fun with the decades-hold piece of hardware! The left bongo hits Kat notes and the right one hits Don notes, as the video from this embeded tweet shows. Clapping won't do anything, though...

For those who are curious if regular Taiko controllers can also be used to play with the bongos for multiplayer matches, the answer is (surprisingly) yes! The reveal came out yesterday from a tweet by the same user.

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