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Thursday, February 2, 2017

First Video: Inscrutable Battle (Bumped: Donko Ura 2P)

Remember when we put NEW? for Inscrutable Battle in our February 3DS3 DLC post? We were just reserving the possibility that this is a newly resampled tune, perhaps resulting in one similar to the 2-minute like in pop'n music.

But no, the Variety pick for the new 3DS3 DLC pack is just further cutting down on Daikaizou! Gekiteki Before/After Medley by simply removing the "TAKUMI" part, down to 48 seconds in play length. That is already after Wii5 having a shorter version of the medley since AC13.

Although currently reigning for the lowest notecount for ☆9s over Grip!, this incarnation actually has the highest average note density among the three.

Bumped Addendum (2017/02/02): Picking up from the First Video post earlier this week, Donko's First Date Ura Oni also has a 715/715-note 2P notechart in its official release outside of Ranking Dojo. The difference happens at the two chorus parts where the two players' parts split, and while there are added balloons and drumrolls to thin out the notecount, the peak complexity also increases at certain points, including kkdkkkd and the final large don at 6 times scroll speed.

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