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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

First Video: Red ver. V7.08/Asia V5.04 Adds

Update day ahoy! Grab a ticket and enjoy the ride.

Sotsu Omeshiki 2-ban (そつおめしき2ばん) (4/6/7/10, 792 notes on Oni)
Sharing the same star ratings as the former Sotsu Omeshiki (and also the ones of the latest new 10* Oni for that matter), the pinnacle of difficulty in this update comes is supplied by the second verse of unmo's popular Namco Original, featuring more fragmented clusters and 1/24 note trickery.

 Tulip (3/3/5/6, 410 notes on Oni)
As advertised in the past months, the core of the latest arcade update is the addition of new iDOLM@STER tracks for collaboration means! Starting with the earliest-revealed one, Tulip's Oni is on the average side of the difficulty spectrum with pattern repetitions and note couples peppered in.

  Tulip (677 notes on ★9 Ura Oni)
The same tropes of the regular Oni are also present and accountable in its Ura Oni counterpart, whose difficulty degree gets primed up by a more cluster-focused 1/16 challenge between both even and odd-noted clusters.

 TOKIMEKI Escalate (TOKIMEKIエスカレート) (2/3/5/6, 437 notes on Oni)
Tulip, however, is not the only brand-new track with a launch Ura Oni, as Mika Jougasaki's song features higher-end challenges for both the 6 and 9-star range! For the former case, we have a 1/16-pure notecharts mostly filled with 3-note clusters and hadswitching fragments, while for the latter...

  TOKIMEKI Escalate (TOKIMEKIエスカレート) (667 notes on ★9 Ura Oni)
...we have instead a hybrid chart with 1/24 clusters, in the spirit of most modern Ura chart revision trends. Watch out for the ending, however, as the final note stream is coupled by occasional Go-Go Time burst just to add to the difficulty degree of the final section for an added visual distraction challenge!

 S(mile)ING! (2/4/4/6, 515 notes on Oni)
The third 6-star Oni addition of the day results to be today's longest newcomer as well, with its difficulty being rounded up with occasional mono-color clusters along the way to completion.

Never say never (3/4/5/8, 675 notes on Oni)
The last iM@S-related addition feels like a charting tribute to the very first songs of the series in Taiko no Tatsujin, as Never say never's 8-star chart relies on the genuine honesty of how averagely-dense cluster section at a quite fast BPM value can still be able to be a stamina drainer on its own.

Rumors tell, however, that this is not the only new 8* Oni challenge to talk about for today...

  Donko's First Date (どん子のファーストデート) (808 notes on ★8 Ura Oni)
Straight from the newly-released 6th 'Challenge from the Taiko Team!' Gaiden trial, the PS2-era Namco Original gets a difficulty enhancement some days ahead of its promised arcade debut through Don Challenge magic! An almost rest-less notechart full of single notes, 3-note clusters and repeating patterns awaits the most daring of Dojo Ranking players.

If other new songs/Ura Oni modes get revealed in a similar fashion later in the day, we'll update this post accordingly. Until then, expect an update to all the arcade-related pages affected by this update coming soon!

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