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Thursday, January 26, 2017

3DS3 Update: Does It Up It For You? February 3DS3 DLC

February 2nd brings us more free and paid DLC for 3DS3. Be it you love the thrill of battle, sweetness or your own self obsessively, we've got you covered.

DLC: February Free Download
 いとしのミルさま Itoshi no Mille-sama (~2017/03/01)

DLC: Popular Song Pack 5 (500 yen +tax)
 君の知らない物語 Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari
   「化物語」より Bakemonogatari
Inscrutable Battle NEW?
   「大改造!!劇的ビフォーアフター」より Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before/After
メヌエット Minuet
承認欲Q Shounin YokkQ Console debut
   かねこちはる feat.はぁち Kaneko Chiharu feat. Haxchi
Xa (+Ura)

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