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Monday, April 11, 2016

Twitter Snippets (11 April 2016) - Taiko Gaming's April '16 Public Outings

It looks like the incoming Reitasai convention won't be the very next public cameo of the Taiko franchise! For the yearly Niconico Chokaigi event's return (scheduled in the weekend of of April 29-30), White Version arcades will be here for everyone to enjoy, together with some extra goodies.

While the fastest Donders to join the fun will be able to snag a sheet of Tatsu-Don stickers, everyone has a shot to try Help me, ERINNNNNN!! -Cranky remix- first-hand before the aforementioned Touhou-centric event.

This coming Friday, however, will already be a day for Taiko gaming to shine in Japanese broadcast, as TV Tokyo Network's Ohasuta (おはスタ) Variety show will broadcast a Taiko tournament in the Saitama prefecture, aimed to elementary school players.

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