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Friday, November 20, 2015

Twitter Snippets (12-19 November 2015) - V Version's Nippon Falcom/December DLC Teasers

While we are weeks away from the next big Taiko releases, V Version's Twitter account is keeping the Ps Vita flame alive and strong with selected messages for everone to enjoy! Above is a tweet from Nippon Falcom's account, which teased yesterday two out of the 3 most voted songs for their poll at the moment. While we don't know who's at the top at the moment, Koi no Shooting Star (from Tokyo Xanadu) and Gin no Ishi (from Sora no Kiseki) are clowning the competition!

After the jump are a couple of messages from V Version's director himself.

That's right: the phresh prince of Dond-Air Dark Attribute (TOMOKI) is back after his initial upside-down DLC teaser from the last livestream in order to set the terrain for the yet-to-be-announced "Kurenai Spiritual Successor" on Taiko V Version. While last week's video was telling us essencially the same things of the stream (only to be comunicated to an unknown staff member as well), in yesterday's video he revealed that it's already working on the song's Oni mode.

According to him, however, all of the ideas for the mysterious track's notechart can't fit into a single mode, so it's most likely that we'll get an Ura Oni mode for the song!

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