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Monday, November 9, 2015

Taiko Time's Guide to Voting at V Version DLC Suggestion Poll, the Second

The newest V Version DLC Suggestion Poll is more than just one question ask for the title of the song, and some of you out there would be wanting a translation/guide for that, so here we deliver!

All questions are mandatory, and outside of the core DLC suggesting business is a small census of the V Version demographic. The data would probably be helpful in developing the next PS Vita Taiko game, perhaps?

Question 1: Select the genre that your suggestion belongs. These are the typical Taiko no Tatsujin genres so choosing should be easy enough.

  • Anime (アニメ) 
  • Vocaloid (ボーカロイドTM曲)
  • Game Music (ゲームミュージック)
  • J-POP 
  • Namco Original (ナムコオリジナル)
  • Classic (クラシック)
  • Variety / Others (バラエティ・その他)

Question 2: Give the complete title of the song you suggest. That includes the artist/composer name and source material title if possible. Like last time we are once again opening up this post's comments and other places as a help desk should you need confirmation for the title(s) of your choice(s).

Question 3: Nippon Falcom special slot: Choose one from the 10 "Nippon Falcom Sound Gems" pieces. All of them are now available for preview at the DLC Poll cover page on the V Version website, and the full versions are not hard to look for on the interwebs.

Question 4: Do you own V Version?
  • Yes (package version) (はい(通常版))
  • Yes (download version) (はい(ダウンロード版))
  • Not currently but planned/wanted to buy (持っていないけど、買うつもり(買いたい))
  • Not owned (持っていない)

Question 5: Choose the prefecture you live in. You should know which of the 47 to choose if you live in Japan. (If you actually live in Japan but still don't know, you will really need a crash course on general Japanese, and we cannot provide that here) For anyone outside Japan, the very last option Others (その他) should be your choice.

Question 6: Choose your gender, as Male (男性) or Female (女性).
(NB. Please excuse the not as inclusive choices here, but Japan isn't widely being that aware of the diversity yet.)

Question 7: Choose your age, choices range from 0 to 59 plus 60+.

Question 8: Choose your occupation.
  • Preschooler (未就学児)
  • Primary 1~3 (小学1~3年生)
  • Primary 4~6 (小学4~6年生)
  • Secondary 1 (中学1年生)
  • Secondary 2 (中学2年生)
  • Secondary 3 (中学3年生)
  • Senior Secondary 1 (高校1年生)
  • Senior Secondary 2 (高校2年生)
  • Senior Secondary 3 (高校3年生)
  • Higher Education (College/University) (専門・短大・大学生)
  • Working (married) (社会人(既婚))
  • Working (single) (社会人(未婚))
  • Homemaker (主婦)
  • Others (その他)

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