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Monday, May 18, 2015

Filler: What did you vote for in the V Version DLC Poll?

While the Taiko Team's social networking front keeps on the low with Etou on his well-deserved rest and ********* ****, let's do a little interactive filler feature of our own!

So share with us: what have you voted for the V Version's DLC Poll? If you haven't voted yet, be it because you do not know the "complete name" in Japanese or otherwise, feel free to ask us here too like a temporary help desk! Remember that the poll ends on May 24 24:00!


  1. I voted for Scars of FAUNA. I really hope some more Tenkaichi Otogesai songs can make it to a not-Taiko + console game!

    1. Depends on whether they can get Konami to give the a-OK...but still,one could dream~

  2. VERTeX from Maimai.I like the song, and it have one of the best chart ever

  3. Magical Little Spaceship
    niche Namco Originals ftw