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Monday, November 23, 2015

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii U3 Update Post

Hello, and all aboard the hype train for the Kat-chan debut-as-main Wii U game!

Last update: Nov 26 | No of updates: 38 | No. of songs: 86+5 | Wii U3 Song List
Key: Red = series debutBlue = console debut

Until the update post is open, other stories on this blog will also be documented here as "Breaking News", with links leading to the related page.

38. Even More Surprising New Game+ Update! Wikihouse users are now saying that Gashadokuro is in the game, although the Mekadon Gacha doesn't unlock it. We'll wait a little bit for users explaining the actual unlocking process of the song Once again, confirmed to be fake.

37. Surprising Ending Credits Update! But it should have been Kathiawar no Cutlass as reading noted on the Wii U3 main site. Sorry!

36. Courtesy of Youtube user gnmi40297, we now have all the videos for the newly-added songs and Ura Oni modes! With that, this update post is now closed. Unlock list coming soon!

BREAKING NEWS - First Video - 2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai's Last Songs

BREAKING NEWS - V Version Update: December's Generous Popular Song Pack 8

35. The DLC songs (and their ratings) have been added to Taiko Wii U 3's song list page! Once we got all the remaning videos for the new songs, we'll close the curtains on this one.

BREAKING NEWS - Namco Taiko Blog (26 November 2015) - White Version Livestream's Grand Gala of Guests

34. Apparently, the wikihouse report of Gashadokuro being in the game was a hoax... bummer. 86 songs.

BREAKING NEWS - First Video: Yoake Made Ato 3-byou

33. First video: DAY×DAY Oni, 502 notes.

32. First video: Kaze Oni, 345 notes.

31. First video: Lapis Lazuli Oni, 336 notes.

30. First video: Believe in yourself Oni, 309 notes.

29. First video: database Oni, 419 notes.

28. First video: Kaitou Miracle Shounen Boy Oni (muted by Content ID claim), 428 notes.

27. First video: Animal Crossing New Leaf Medley Oni, 509 notes.

26. First video: Dragon Ball Heroes God Mission(ry Oni, 389 notes.

25. First video: Where is the Target? Oni, 546 notes.

24. Taiko Wii U 3's full songlist, complete with secret songs and star ratings, is now in full display on Taiko Wii U 3's song list page. Once that both DLC and video footage arise for the remaining songs, this Update Post will be closed.

23. Namco Original Gashadokuro is also reported to be unlockable in the game! 87 songs.

22. Unlike how was otherwise noted in the preliminary boxart images for the game, Anime songs Eien no Tomoshibi from Aikatsu is not present in the game, possibly due of the song being a placeholder for START DASH SENSATION, the actual Aikatsu song that is available on Wii U 3.

21. Another couple of returns have been spotted on wikihouse, this time for the Game Music genre: Knucke Heads and the Mojipittan Medley. 86 songs.

20. Wikihouse signals the presence of two more returning Namco Original tracks as unlockables: Hayabusa and Yami no Tamashii. 84 songs.

19. It's past midnight in Japan! This means that the game is now officially out, and we are free to update the main song list page with all the data we've found so far.

18. Classic source time! Just as previous wikihouse commenters has theorized, Puchipochi is from Chopin's Minute Waltz aka the "little dog waltz" (hence "petit pooch"? Or Pochi as a popular Japanese name for puppies?), and Maou is Schubert's composition to the Goethe poem Der Erlkönig (lit. the Erlking, known simply as "demon king" (魔王) in Japan).

17. First video of Tokyo Teddy Bear (4/6/6/8), the other new Vocaloid song of the game. 797 notes on Oni mode.

16. First videos of Baladium's drive on Regular and Ura Oni (3/5/6/7/9); this is the third Klonoa song wee see in Taiko gaming, so the idea of a song series on this blog sounds appetizing... The two modes hold respectively 541 and 727 notes.

15. First video of Lovely-X's Ura Oni mode, which check in as a 8-star challenge. 662 notes./

14. First video of Kathiawar no Houken (4/5/7/8), the other (non-theme song) new Namco Original of the game. The Oni mode has 637 notes!

13. First video of Issho ni Asobo♪ (3/6/7/8), Taiko Wii U 3's theme song! 463 notes on Oni.

12. First video of Maou (3/5/7/8), the other newcomer Classic song. This one already looks different from all the others due to the fact of requiring a "feat. ****" subtitle for the singer! 473 notes for its Oni mode.

11. First video of Classic debut song Puchipochi, Enjoy this Classic rendition of a song we're already eager to find the roots for!

10. First video of Karakuri Pierrot (4/6/7/8), one of the two new Vocaloid songs of the game. 490 notes on Oni.

9. First video of EAT'EM UP!, the amiibo-related song whose Oni mode checks in with 602 notes.

8. First video of Maigo no UFO (4/6/6/7), one of the brand-new Namco Original songs unlockable in the game. 603 notes for a track which sounds like coming from the creators of Robot Rock'n'Roll☆ (of Taiko Wii U 1 fame!).

7. The livestream furagetter from the last days has uploaded on Internet portion of videos showcasing some of the Wii U game's new content! Here is a first video of Yokai Dochuu-ki Ondo's Ura Oni, which happens to be rated as a 10-star Oni mode.

From the video it's also possible to see that songs with 2player-only Ura Oni modes like Soul Calibur II have their separate slot on the songlist (and thus they need to be unlocked), although the 1P patterns are played if selected for single-player sessions.

6. As reported by wikihouse users, amiibo-unlockable song EAT'EM UP! has the star ratings of 3/5/6/8, with its subtitle saying that the song comes from Ridge Racer TYPE-4, much like URBAN FRAGMENTS from past Taiko titles.

Expect this Pac-song to be appearing in our Ridge Racer series soon!

BREAKING NEWS - 2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai Songs Revealed (with a side of bad news)

5. Missed from the textual report, but our screenshot from the below-mentioned stream shows Symphonic Medley No. 1. 82 songs.

4. A user livestream by another furagetter promoted on the same thread is running some live footage of the game. Playing Yokai Dochuuki Ondo Ura as I stepped in. So many 24ths in the 761-combo chart.

3. Puchipochi is 10-star 877 notes on Oni. Screenshot from the same thread.

2. Still in progress, but the Ura's are also revealed gradually! Same thread.
  • Many wow bang! Ura
  • Sacred Ruin Ura
  • Shin Garyoutensei Ura (2P)
  • Soul Calibur 2 Ura (2P)
  • Baladium's Drive Ura
  • Lovely X Ura

1. And one post from a Baidu Tieba furagetter covers all the a whole slew of* songs not covered, default and unlockables alike. So let's do this in one update, arranged by debut-ness. 81 songs
  • Alborada del Gracioso
  • Amanda
  • Atashi Ikasama Koi wa Ikasama
  • Die Forelle
  • Inu Hoeru
  • Kaze no Fantasy
  • Kechadon 2000
  • Kimi to Hibiku Harmony
  • Koi wa Mizuiro
  • Kyou wa Taiko-youbi
  • Lovely X
  • Many wow bang!
  • Meena no Oyashiki
  • Nagisa no Andromeda
  • Shin Garyoutensei
  • Sports Digest-don
  • Symphony No. 25 in G Minor
  • Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka
  • Wonder Momo-i
  • Yokai Dochuuki Ondo
  • Picopico Mappy
  • Shugaku Travelers
  • Baladium's Drive (Klonoa 1)
  • Where is the target? (Rolling Thunder 2)

0. Starting with the 56 songs currently known so far.

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