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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wadaiko Master song list

Taiko no Tatsujin Momoiro Version
Some time in May 2014, photos of an unknown region version of Taiko no Tatsujin Momoiro Version began circulating around the Internet, with only two pictures of its top and side banners in Brazilian Portuguese. It was called 'Wadaiko Master'. There was not much information to go on it except those two.

In September 2014, Taiko Time received a tip-off by a reader named Milton through email that several units of these were spotted in Brazil, containing more photos of Wadaiko Master and a short video, and more videos followed shortly after by another email from an anonymous reader, including one that showed Wadaiko Master's songlist in its entirety. It is thanks to them that we were able to gather this much information on this mysterious translation of Taiko Momoiro, and to him we express our utmost gratitude. From Japanese website wikihouse, we also happen to know that this arcade model has also been spotted in Kenya as well.

It is still unconfirmed whether or not Wadaiko Master is an export by Namco themselves, as they have not officially acknowledged its existence yet, but what we do know is that, aside from the fact that it contains mostly new songs, it has one of the smallest songlists in any arcade version ever, totaling 32 with 10 Ura Onis. There is no network infrastructure and the middle of the cabinet lacks a Banapassport card reader of any kind.

The play instructions and most of the menu interface save for a few details (and song names) is completely translated from Japanese to Brazilian Portuguese, which is the first time Taiko no Tatsujin has been presented in a language other than Japanese since Taiko 12 Asia, and the first non-Asian version of the game since Taiko Drum Master for PlayStation 2. As this forum post on Zenius-i-vanisher.com puts it, Wadaiko Master almost feels like a location test for Momoiro in Brazil. Keeping tabs on the development of Wadaiko Master in the future should be interesting!

One oddity stands out in particular; Sampling Masters AYA's Namco Original song, Samba Alegria, is in the Brazilian Pop genre, Ura and all, instead of its normal place.

Official site

(above link leads to Japanese official site)

Our first article on Wadaiko Master, containing screenshots
Our second article on Wadaiko Master, containing videos
No. of songs    32
No. of Uras    10

Músicas Brasileiras (Brazilian Music) (3 songs)
Escatumbararibêx2x3x3x4 (video)
Hoje é Domingox2x3x3x4 (video
Samba Alegriax4x6x6x7 (video)
Samba Alegria---x9 (video)

Vocaloid (3 songs)
Kohi no Aji to (珈琲の味と) 
x4x5x6x9 (video)
Ninjin Nin (にんじんにん) 
Toyonaga Gonta P
x3x4x5x8 (video)
Hanaoto Ura Hyoushi (花オト裏拍子)
x3x5x6x9 (video)

Canções Folcloricas (Children/Folk) (2 songs)
O Vreneli (おおブレネリ)x3 x3x5x6 (video)
Russian Folk Medley (ロシア民謡メドレー)x4 x4x7x7 (video)

Músicas Clássicas (Classical) (4 songs)
William Tell Overture (ウィリアム・テル序曲)
Gioachino Rossini
x7 (video)
Heaven and Hell Overture (「天国と地獄」序曲)
Jacques Offenbach
x4x4x5x6 (video)
Ninth Symphony (第九交響曲)
x3x3x3x6 (video)
Fantasie Impromptu (幻想即興曲)
x5x7x8x9 (video)

Músicas de Jogos Eletrônicos (Game Music) (6 songs)
Wasabi Body Blow
Tekken 3D Prime Edition
x3x4x6x9 (video)
No Way Back
God Eater
x4x6x7x8 (video)
 No Way Back
God Eater
- - - x9 (video)
Soul Calibur II (ソウルキャリバーⅡ)
~Brave Sword, Braver Soul~
x3x5x7x7 (video)
 Soul Calibur II (ソウルキャリバーⅡ)
~Brave Sword, Braver Soul~
---x7 (video)
Ridge Racer 3DS
x5x6x7x9  (video)
Ridge Racer 3DS
---x10 (video)
Ridge Racerx4x7x8x8 (video)
 Ridge Racer---x9 (video)
~Genpei Toma Den Medley~ (~源平討魔伝メドレー~)
x4x5x7x8 (video)
~Genpei Toma Den Medley~ (~源平討魔伝メドレー~)
---x10 (video)

Músicas originais da NAMCO (Namco Original) (14 songs)
Zero no Nocturne (零の夜想曲)x4x6x6x8 (video)
 Zero no Nocturne (零の夜想曲)---x9 (video)
Lisdoonvarna no Tasogare (リスドンヴァルナの黄昏)x3x5x6x8 (video)
Oranda Nadeshiko (和蘭撫子)x4x5x6x8 (video)
junctionx4x5x6x9 (video)
Fly awayx4x5x5x7 (video)
The Magician's Dreamx4x6x7x8 (video)
Angel Dream (エンジェルドリーム)x3x6x7x8 (video)
 Angel Dream (エンジェルドリーム)---x9 (video)
Taiko Time (タイコタイム)x5x6x7
x9 (video)
 Taiko Time (タイコタイム)---x10 (video)
Garyoutensei (画竜点睛)x5x6x6x8 (video)
Hyakka Ryouran (百花繚乱)x3x4x5x8  (video)
Dun Aonghasa no Fuefuki (ドン・エンガスの笛吹き)x4x6x7x8 (video)
Zastohl no Madousho (ザストゥールの魔導書)x3x5x6x8 (video)
x3x6x7x8 (video)
Kikyoku ~Seasons of Asia~ (季曲 ~Seasons of Asia~)x3x5x5x7 (video)
 Kikyoku ~Seasons of Asia~ (季曲 ~Seasons of Asia~)---x8 (video)
Rotter Tarminationx4x6x7x8 (video)
 Rotter Tarmination---x10 (video)
Saitama 2000 (さいたま2000)x5x7x7x7 (video)


  1. This arcade machine is in my country Mexico :)
    the only bad thing are the few songs with which this machine has
    https://www.facebook.com/FabianPalaciosLee/videos/1624103267610550/ its me playing Rotter Tarmination

  2. I Just found out this on Valinhos Mall, in Valinhos, São Paulo.
    It was my first time playing Taikon and I so addicted now.