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Monday, October 6, 2014

Videos of Wadaiko Master

Thanks to our Taiko fans from across the Pacific, we now have recorded footage of Wadaiko Master in action! Not sure if it's an officially supported product but it's still interesting to see!

You can see the translation effort for the game is pretty patchy, with the main interface and basic instructions translated, but the song names remain in Japanese, and there's no translation for 'Oni' difficulty either, so it's half-here, half-there. The font used on the menus is different, making the Brazilian quite jarring against the original Japanese font. Well, it's something at least; the Asian version was left untouched with no translation at all (except the cardboard banners for the warning and play instructions, which are in pretty good English).

As mentioned before, the songlist is extremely small, with the total barely touching 30 songs. The J-Pop and Anime genres are completely cut out and replaced with a folder for Brazilian pop, with three songs in it: Escatumbararibe, Hoje e Domingo and Samba Alegria (yes, that Samba Alegria. For some reason it's in Brazilian Pop and we don't know why).

Below, we have videos for two of the three. Here's Escatumbararibe (wow that's a mouthful).

And here's Hoje e Domingo, a 4* Oni. Unfortunately the difficulty ratings for Escatumbararibe isn't in the video.

EDIT: Same reader sent a photo containing the missing difficulty ratings and confirmed Samba Alegria as being the Sampling Masters AYA song. Weird to see it swapped genres like that.

We should have a songlist page up for Wadaiko Master on the blog pretty soon! Once again, thanks to our Brazilian Taiko fans for the contribution!


  1. This version totally sucks, it feels like you're playing a demo version of the game. I miss it when my local arcade used to have a Taiko 4 machine.

    1. Unfortunately It's all what we have. I can't find any other good version in Sao Paulo. Btw, are you from Brazil? If yes, do you know where can I find others versions to play?