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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Song of the Week! 4 October 2014

Today's Saturday feature is requested by kathy, one of the most active readers of the blog (you can pester her in the chatbox to the left). Enjoy the wonderful Namco Original!

My Mine
Taiko Wii 4x4 (214)x5 (322)x5 (407)x6 (635)
Taiko 0, iOSx4 (214)x5 (322)x4 (407)x6 (635)
 Taiko 0, Taiko Wii 4, Taiko +

My Mine is one of the few Namco Originals to be announced months in advance before the release of the first HD Taiko arcade, and the only one among them to be ported to a console Taiko immediately after (Danba Danba Din Dan went to PSP DX a few weeks after Taiko Wii 4 came out, and Chiheisen no Aeolia had to wait all the way until Taiko Wii U 2, coming out this November).

It's among a very select few rock songs in the Namco Originals genre to feature a female lead vocal, and it's not the uber-cute ones either (there I go with stereotypes again). My Mine's voice is mature and talks about a sacrifice to a lover whom she sees as her god. In a way, after reading the lyrics, the song's inexplicable title might actually make some sense. My (lover is) Mine...or something. Maybe I'm looking too deeply into this. Let's continue.

The mature woman voice belongs to Tsukino Shion (月乃紫音), an indie singer who started her musical path making covers of Vocaloid songs and uploading them to Nicovideo. Though not a name many would be familiar with, she's contributed to several other projects for small studios. This isn't her first time singing for MintJam either.

Yup, MintJam. We've covered them before in great detail on our feature of Growing Up, the only other song they've made for Taiko no Tatsujin so let's not repeat the story. setzer from MintJam composed the song, Aliya (アリヤ) made the lyrics and Shogo (しょご) played the rock guitar. The latter two aren't part of MintJam and have aliases so generic that finding more information on them is incredibly difficult so I'm opening up the floor for anyone who can find out a thing or two about them!

My Mine is incredibly long, automatically qualifying for a beginner Oni player's stamina trial, and even so the chart is on the upper half of the 6* Oni tier, with medium-length 1/8 streams and 1/16 3-note clusters testing the player's sight and focus. There's also several spots in the song with continuous big notes. Also noteworthy is the fact that there's zero drumrolls in the song.

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