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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (30 October 2014) - November's Donchare of Racing Goths

Less than 4 hours from today's Taiko Team livestream, yet we still have a Thursday blog update! As expected, today's post is about the monthly arcade unlocks for Banapassport players.

Starting with the Don Challenge song, we have on our hands the arcade debut of a previously console-exclusive track from the Game Music genre: Rave Racer's BLUE TOPAZ. Here's a video of the song in action for a quick reminder:

The 2-part outfit for November '14 is the Black Goth (黒ゴス), with the headgear unlocked with a play on the arcades during the next month and the body part being a limited Rewards Shop item.

Of course, a reminder about today's stream closes this blog entry, but the mysterious 100k limited unlockable song is still kept in the shadows. Watch the livestream to find out this elusive limited unlock!

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