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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (16 October 2014) - Tenkaichi Otogesai Song Reveal!

After an half-day-long delay, here's the first blog entry from the Taiko Team that actually acknowledges the latest rhythm game collaboration extravaganza!

As expected, today's blog entry is about the reveal of the Arcade Operators Union (AOU) cross-over tournament's first batch of songs, turning out to be the four tunes that have been leaked yesterday! As expected, all the tunes chosen for this phase are boss songs from their rhythm game of origin.

We'll have a more extensive look at the crossed-over songs in future song series/Song of the Week features, but for now here's a brief introduction of the cross-over songs coming to Taiko Kimidori:

As this is the first collaboration that involves a Bemani rhythm game franchise (and since we're pretty much also obsessed with Bemani here), it seems right to first talk about the representative song from Jubeat, or at a stretch, the theme song of Bemani itself!

Introduced in both jubeat knit APPEND and the first REFLEC BEAT, the 'Trance Core' track FLOWER is composed by Yoshitaka 'DJ YOSHITAKA' Nishimura. It's easily the most crossed-over song between Bemani games ever released, as nearly every one of the current-running rhythm game franchises got it at some point (yes, even Future TomTom and Dance Evolution Arcade), barring only BeatStream as of today.

Next we have Garakuta Doll Play, one of two boss songs of the second main Maimai firmware (maimai GreeN). It is, along with its partner boss song System Z, the first ever song on Maimai to have a Master chart of level 12, currently the highest difficulty level in the game. This one is made by t+pazolite, a mysterious hardcore/speedcore music producer whose works have recently started appearing in some rhythm game franchises, such as maimai, Groove Coaster and SOUND VOLTEX. It quickly became Maimai's most iconic boss song, despite a few others after it that tried to claim its throne.

From Taito's Groove Coaster franchise, the transplanted song is Got more raves?, the final unlockable boss song both for the first arcade build and for its the console counterpart, the iOS game Groove Coaster Zero. Another unknown commission artist is behind this song, going by the nickname of E.G.G., an acronym for "Everything Get Groove".

Last but certainly not least, the Taiko franchise will use Kita Saitama 2000 as its representative track for the tourney! The other rhythm games are accustomed to having an album jacket for each of their songs, but not Taiko, so one was made for Kita Saitama, and is the first for the series. Enjoy staring at this multicolor spiral with spirit souls and five Taiko 3DS 2-styled Linda AI-CUE avatars staring back, all of them wearing a 2000-labeled t-shirt!

All of the songs above will be available to play from October 29th on all four games, but only at arcade centers that joined the AOU and signed up to participate in the Tenkaichi Otogesai tournament. Once that the tournament is over, the cross-over songs and the 4 brand-new tunes for the tourney's second phase will be available to play for everyone. The list of arcade centers to have the first-hand experience, when the limited songs are open to all, as well as other tourney news, will be announced later.

However, the fun doesn't stop here, as Taiko Kimidori arcades are also going to have a software upgrade on the same day, with more features than the three external songs shown above! The additional content for the version upgrade will be explained later in this month.

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