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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (July 3 2014) - The Transition: What Gets Carried Over To Kimidori and other stories

Another week, another blog post from the Taiko Team! Today we look at the data to be transferred across the versions.

But first:
Taiko no Tatsujin Kimidori ver.
In Service from July 16 (Wed.)!

(subject to individual shops)
...because why not.

Seriously though, the play data you had for Momoiro ver. will be (mostly) safely transitioned to the Kimidori system, and that transition will happen at July 15 25:59 (that's July 26 01:59 if you do not read 24-plus notation).

Here is a list to make things more specific:
MyDon Profile
  • YES Name
  • YES Color scheme (Face, rim, body)
  • YES The costume you are wearing (unless it is to be deleted)
  • YES The costume sets you set
  • YES Title/Title part combination
Play Results
  • YES Crowns (unless the song is to be deleted)
  • YES Scores and detailed rundowns
  • YES Number of plays/clears/full combos
  • NO Ranking Dojo clears and result rundowns
Rewards and Unlocks
  • YES Titles (unless it is to be deleted)
  • YES Title parts
  • YES Costumes (unless it is to be deleted)
  • YES Taiko sounds
  • YES Unlockable songs
  • YES Shopping Points for Rewards Shop
  • YES Rewards Shop purchases
  • NO DonPoint
  • YES Recently played songs
  • YES Other settings
  • YES Liked Song (but renamed to Favourite Song, more later)
  • NO MyNews notifications
  • NO Rankings
  • NO Challenge history
  • NO Tournament history
Now back to why is the "Liked Song" feature is getting a rename: because a new feature is going to succeed that name! The Liked Song folder will store at most 5 songs you like in a separate folder for easy access.

Note that if you never had a Favourite Song ever set in Donder Hiroba, you won't have the folder in game.

That's it for today, and remember the overnight livestream party at Kimidori launch in two weeks!

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