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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Twitter Snippets (June 10 2014) - Better Late than Never

News about two Namco Originals on the Momoiro arcades today. Again if you are not following the official @taiko_team feed on Twitter, you are missing out.

First, overseas Donders must have feel a bit left out not seeing STAGE 0.ac11 on a promotional appearance, after the livestream challenge last week (even after a whole day like last time's PaPaPa Love). Fret not, you are not forgotten! It is on a different week (June 14~22), that's all.

Speaking of late appearances, Etou also confirmed with a commentor that Yuugen no Ran, the long-dreaded new Zeami song, will be available punctually on June 15 if you got it from attending the Finals just as promised (if you discount the 8-month rain check).

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