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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (26 June 2014): Taiko 3DS2 is now out!

*cue fireworks and party poppers* It has finally arrived! Thus, a big entry was made to celebrate the release, with four main topics: interviews with the producer and director, DLC discussion, future events involving the game, and the next Nicovideo stream!

First up, the producer, Sasaoka (ササオカ), the man behind many other console Taikos.

What are the main highlights of the 'Space-Time Adventure' story mode? 
Make it attractive in every situation!
To evoke a more realistic feeling of traveling through time, a lot of effort was spent on the finer details of the overworld. Like being able to see what's in the lake in the Japanese era world, and the slight shine given to the sand in the Egypt desert world, things like that.

Cute characters you'd want to be friends with
Bosses aside there's a load of characters you can have on your team, so there's lots of choice in picking your favorites to create a strong party. Basically giving all your favorite enemy characters more depth to them!

Don-chan's costumes!
Using different combinations of costume parts looks interesting, but also influences your performance in battle. Find your strongest combination!

Tell us about the StreetPass features in the game
It should serve as a pretty nifty tool to communicate among players, whether it's to tell others what your favorite song is, to show off your high scores, or just to laugh at each other's costumes.

Song recommendation please!
Choujikuu Adventure (超時空アドベンチャー). Torine (トリ音)'s vocals are very futuristic and warm, for creating a nice yet mysterious sound. Perfect for gathering up that bit of courage to break through life's obstacles!

Any final message?
Get the game everyone, and experience gathering friends in the game (story team) and outside the game too (StreetPass). Tune in to our livestream this July 15th!

Next up, the director, whose name is Atsuhiro Osawa (大澤淳人):

What are the main highlights of the 'Space-Time Adventure' story mode?
The story is so heart-warming, we've been talking about how it would fit a movie!

The party system used for the battle mode!
It's pretty fun to customize your party, skills and costumes to make a powerful team of your own.

The bosses created with the developer's wise mind
Each boss has such a consistent thematic feel. Especially the final boss...!

Tell us about the StreetPass features in the game
It was the very first feature proposed for this project! Sharing high scores and party members and all that. Hope everyone gets to experience it!

Song recommendation please!
Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari (六兆年と一夜物語): It's one of my favorites, and it seems very popular among the public as well. We decided to add Ura mode to this for more entertainment.The speed makes it so exciting! I'm training for it too! (I can't pass it on Oni...)

Night and Day: A new Game Music from old game Ace Combat 2. The guitar solo in the middle is especially cool. Namco Sound Team go!

*************: We can't reveal the title of this yet, but it's the final boss song. It's a song with selfish vibes and sounds pretty cool. We have Torine (again) to thank for this. Play this song for yourself! (author's note: the song's name is Time to dine)

Any final message?
Kept ya waiting! It's been two years since the last Taiko no Tatsujin game on 3DS, and we've been planning all this time to add more new features to the series on this console. Have fun with the extra downloadable content as well!

P.S. I hope you'll think of me when you StreetPass 'Atsu-don' (あつどん) sometime!

And that wraps up the interviews. Now for the second section, the downloadable content! There's something new in it, something that was not officially revealed before. Read on.

1. Let It Go ~ Ari no Mama de~ (from Frozen)

The genre for this song is confirmed as Anime, and will be free to download until August 31, 2014! Don't miss your chance!

2. Taiko Tournament 2013 Finals Pack (324 yen including tax)

This pack contains the three CreoFUGA songs played in the finals of the recently concluded Taiko Tournament: Hurtling Boys, Calculator and Karamari no Hana (カラ鞠の花). Relive the challenging atmosphere of the tournament in your hands!

...Oh? There's something new?

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS2 is having a crossover event with the latest Tamagotchi game for 3DS, Guruguru Tamagotchi! (ぐるぐるたまごっち!) On the Tamagotchi name, entering a special password unlocks a Taiko-themed costume:

Cute, isn't it?

The password will be announced on the homepage of Guruguru Tamagotchi! this mid-July.

And on the Taiko side, a new DLC called Guruguru Tamagotchi! Set (ぐるぐるたまごっち!セット) will be released this July 1st for 162 yen (including tax)

The set includes one song, GO-GO Tamagotchi (GO‐GO たまごっち!), and a Mametchi costume!

Thirdly, Taiko 3DS2 will be present at the Summer World Hobby Fair 2014 on June 28 and 29, 2014, at the Mekubari Messe in Chiba. Try out the game for free and receive a promotional clear file with the game art on it! Go to the WHF's website for more details of the event (http://www.whobby.com/)

And lastly, a promise kept to all Donders!

Etou said he'd release something for Taiko 3DS2's Story Mode as extra content from the livestream if enough comments were made. Yes, it's that!

Tatsu-Don (Standing Don) is coming!

How do you obtain him? Simple: tune in to the livestream on July 15th, and use your 3DS to scan a QR code which will appear on the screen. The link to the stream will be up soon. (author's note: check first blog post today)

His speed stat is noted as 'extremely slow' Oh come on; what are those legs for then?

That's all for today! Have fun with Taiko 3DS2, and watch the next livestream!

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