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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Donkama 2000 Day One Facts and Figures

Hope everyone has a thrilling time looking out for news of the newest 2000 song! Below are some more bits about Donkama 2000 after a first day!

Being the crazy chart with multiple scroll speeds by each individual note, it is no surprise that most Donders are having some trouble dealing it. In fact, Donkama 2000 saw no Full Combo in its Oni chart on the first day of unlocking, the first time ever since AC12.5 with Ryougen no Mai.

Here are some official statistics released on the @taiko_team Twitter feed, all to reinforce the scarcity of clearers. Note that with the released clear rate, we can deduce there are no more than 1500 Donders who have even unlocked the song.

Also Etou confirms via a response that there is currently no titles for Full Combo-ing the song, but will look into adding one in the future.
Still, that doesn't stop intrepid fans from at least trying to make sense of it all. Below we have a fairly accurate transcription work on Taiko Sanjiro by a fan (except for the last ). The later half of the video shows the same chart at a constant scroll speed for better examination.

The folks at wikihouse has also come up with preliminary static maps of the charts, if you are so inclined, which you can check out here.

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