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Monday, June 9, 2014

Cooking with Taiko Team (6/6/2014)

(screenshots and stream coverage courtesy of tetsutaro, crystalsuicune and Lokamp!)

As promised in the previous stream, if enough comments were gathered Etou would present his kitchen, or at least show off his extreme cooking skills. That's exactly what he did, but before that, this stream also has its own set of stretch goals for comments. Let's see them!

Contents of stream
-Stretch goals
-Etou's Kitchen
-Donkama 2000 discussion
-Taiko 3DS 2 discussion
-Tourney 2013 finalist interview part 2
-Another few seconds of Yuugen no Ran

Like last time, the cap is set at 100k comments and the rewards are a Twitter profile icon at 10k, a new costume for Taiko Momoiro's Rewards Shop at 20k, a new title part at 30k, a new smartphone wallpaper at 50k, being able to see Etou wearing a Tatsudon T-Shirt during the tournament finals on June 14 at 76500, being able to download a Tatsudon scene for the Story Mode of Taiko 3DS2 at 87600, and finally, unlocking Stage 0.ac11 for play on Taiko Momoiro as an early preview at 100k!

Don't worry, all the goals were indeed met during the 2-hour plus stream. The title part that was given is 何ッ!? (What?!)

And now to Etou's Kitchen...which is right at the spot where the team are filming. So we don't actually get to see Etou cook? Boo. Oh well, he has a recipe and instructions on how to whip up a nice pork dish.

Just put all the ingredients described (which includes chopped pork meat, leek, cabbage, cooking vinegar, soy sauce and others) into a pressure cooker and wait.

Great, now I'm hungry.

'Magic powder' (魔法の白い粉)? It's probably MSG, though I could be wrong. Anyway, this is for cooking the gravy.

Then put the meat in!

Then finally comes the vegetables, which can just be easily boiled in water.

Add some rice, and...

Dinner is served.

Can't be a kitchen programme without the finished product being shown now, can it? The team take turns sampling Etou's simple dish.

Time out! The focus now shifts onto Linda-AI CUE, who talks about Donkama 2000 and his next 2000 song project, which will apparently be themed on transport. Another EkiBEN 2000?

Now what could this complicated-looking thing be?

Well, it's a snapshot of the software Linda used to compose Donkama 2000. Just like the chart is made up of overlapping notes, the song is made up of many overlapping rhythms. There's sections for BPM 120, 160, 210 and 240 all in one giant mess.

Now it's time to talk about Taiko 3DS 2, which is coming out right at the end of this month!

The PVs for the game are then played, and the default songlist shown with previews of the two new Namco Originals, Purupuru Simple and super star shooter.

Then a bombshell is dropped. Remember that Taiko 3DS2 now supports DLC songs? The Frozen song 'Let It Go' was announced previously, and now they are ready to reveal the first proper DLC pack, available from the game's launch for 300yen + taxes. It's...

...the three CreoFUGA songs to be used in the tournament finals! Hurtling Boys, Calculator and Karamari no Hana! Three massively challenging 10* Oni songs, from the very beginning? What a treat!

Those of you with Japanese 3DSes can also begin downloading a demo version of the game starting June 11th (two days from now).

As part of Taiko 3DS2's ongoing promotion, it will be shown in two events: the summer World Hobby Fair 2014 at the Mekuhari Messe on June 28 and 29, and at the Ciao! Summer Festival (the magazine) on July and August in Osaka and Tokyo respectively.

Oh, remember Tatsudon? Yeah the stretch goal was met at around this time so he was shown off in full. This is what he is going to look like in Taiko 3DS 2.

Quite a long way for a funny sketch to have come. First used as a gag on a livestream like this, to a gigantic April Fools prank, to being used officially as a character. Wow.

The finalist interviews followed, with most of them doing their own impressions of Namco Original songs and sharing their thoughts. One of the remaining eleven could not make the appointment and so his interview answers were read from a script by Linda.

Two or three seconds of Yuugen no Ran was looped behind this, marking the return of Zeami to the Taiko composing scene. The hype just continues to build!

And the stream ends with the staff going nuts over Donkama 2000. What a day!

Link to stream (part 1)
Link to stream (part 2)

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