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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Taiko Plus/Tori Houdai updates!

太鼓の達人★新曲取り放題! スゴ得コンテンツiPhone スクリーンショット 1

With all the recent Wii U/arcade talk in this blog, we almost forgot to feature the latest news about the portable Taiko gaming!

Starting with the Android grounds, the Shinkyoku Tori Houdai videogame is now available for another Japanese provider! After being exclusive to the au Smart Pass, docomo now supports this Taiko videogame since November 20th, offering the same songs and services of the elder videogame. Both the versions of Tori Houdai will be updated, but now users can make a choice between the two service providers! For more informations, here's the game's official website for docomo users.

Next up, Taiko Plus is getting new songpack! ... well, a different kind of 'new'. The 765 Celebrative Pack (765記念パック) features the six timed songs which were previously made playable during the past 7.65 Million Download Celebration. Now, with the price of 600 Yen, the songs involved - 4 Namco Originals (Densetsu no Matsuri, Kikyoku ~Seasons of Asia~, Pastel Dream and Hyakki Yakou) and 2 Classic songs (From the New World and Hungarian Dance No.5) - will be permanently available for playing. Expect a songlist update soon!

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