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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Made By You: Cookie Clicker and more

Phew! After the long break following the 3rd anniversary mega-feature, it's time to get regular postings of your creations back up once more.

Above is our first chart by Packer, with his own song titled 'Infinite Cookies' (無量大数のクッキー), a spoof song based on the simple Javascript game called Cookie Clicker, which has swept the Internet for quite a few months now. The game is simple, all you do is click the cookie to bake cookies. And then buy things to help you bake more, including grandmas, cursors, farms, time machines and more. It's unexplainably addictive, free of charge and requires very little commitment; you can Google it and try it out!

Packer went so far as to create an entire reskin of Taikojiro just for this chart; it's full of grandmas, one of the most iconic upgrades in the game. You'll find out why once you start playing. The song is frantic techno beats and piano mashed into one, embodying the rush of seeing your cookie count go up by the billions in a single second. It has some scroll troll moments, but not the most difficult chart ever. You'll just want to play it once you've tried the source material out. Do it now if you haven't!

Ooh, someone's upgraded to the new Taikojiro interface! Dary16 from our chatbox had this to share, a Taiko chart of the song 'Son of Sun' from the music game DJ Max Technika. Despite the Korean origins of the game, it has attracted several doujin and prominent artists, and this particular one was made by none other than Sampling Masters MEGA (Shinji Hosoe of Ridge Racer fame). The chaotic music style is quite characteristic of his work.

A very smooth 8* notechart which presents no problem to those in the tier. It's not overloaded with clusters; just the right amount, and the use of backbeats is something we don't see very often. Kudos!

And now we move to the osu!Taiko section. tetsutaro shares this bit with us today; a 'prediction' chart for Oshiete Kumatomo, the theme song of a teddy bear simulator game called Kumatomo. Its song is already out on Shinkyoku Tori Houdai (Android phones), and will hit Wii U a month from now. It still does not have an Oni notechart so tetsu tries to make one here.

It's a 6* Oni with 1/8 patterns everywhere and few clusters stacked together. Personally, given the source material I expect it to be even easier than this, but only time will tell. Let's see how it matches up to the actual Oni chart when Taiko Wii U is released!

Next osu!Taiko chart is by crystalsuicune, with the typical addition from Bemani (they do have a huge array of god-level songs to choose from after all). The song is Kachoufuusetsu (meaning 'The Flower and Butterfly Snowstorm), coming from beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD and composed by Tatsuya Shimizu under the alias Byakko (white tiger).

It was one of DistorteD's most difficult and fastest songs, and this trait carries over into this custom Taiko chart, which is at the cap of 10* Oni. It fits perfectly as a medium 10*, with clusters and streams at high speed. Godtiers in Taiko no Tatsujin have moved beyond supplying just a quick BPM and lots of notes though.

Final song of the day is made by CoroQuetz, and is another Bemani song. This is our second DDR song featured in a row, but it's not from BeForU this time. The song is MAX. (period) by an artist known as 2MB, the alias used by Asami Yuuichi, who primarily composes for DDR.

The increased scroll speed is the highlight of this chart, with 1/16 clusters looking like they come at you at a speed higher than its base BPM would suggest. The notes sound highly energetic coupled with the heavy beats going on in the background, making for a fun time playing. Beware the BPM shifts, it gets massively hectic at the end of the song!

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