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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Made By You: Special 3rd Anniversary Edition!

Finally! We asked for your custom-made charts, and you delivered in droves, so be prepared to see a big compilation made by all our loyal contributors to Taikojiro and osu!Taiko! I'm joining in on the fun too.

And once again, we have Packer. We singled out his latest map from his big feature on Monday, and it's related to one of the songs there too. Remember Nanashi no Senkyoushi (The Nameless Missionary)? There's a remixed version of the song, which uses the same music but with completely different intruments. The piano is more prominent in this number, called the DCWH Remix. And the chart is harder too! The slow part has many streams, and the faster part is typical for a mid to high-tier 9* Oni. Very nice stuff.

You can listen to the song here.

Next up is AxelHino with something made for osu!Taiko, an old Bemani song from Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA, called Peace(^^)v (yep, with the emote). The song is performed by BeForU, an all-girl J-Pop group formed within Bemani and specializes in upbeat-sounding rock music. The band's girls have changed quite a number of times, with this song performed by a new set of girls and not the original four.

The chart is an energetic 8* Oni with a wide variety of clusters, and quite difficult at that too. It gets streamy at the end part too, in case the beginning wasn't challenging enough.

Third song of the day is by crystalsuicune, who also prepared a Bemani chart for the feature. And it's a pretty recent song; Plan 8 is from the latest Beatmania IIDX game, Tricoro. It is composed by Ryutaro Nakahara, more commonly referred to as Ryu☆, a veteran music composer who has tons of experience, joining from IIDX 4th style onwards and is one of Bemani's most active composers period.

Being a high speed gabba song, you pretty much know what to expect from this. It's near one of the hardest songs on its native game, and made into an equally crazy 10* by crystal. Right from the first beat of the song is a constant bombardment of 7-note clusters with no rest, and the scroll speed gradually increases all the way to the middle. It's tough to cram more than a thousand notes in 2 minutes without making it seem like spam, but this just feels right for the maniacal tone of the song. Play it!

CoroQuetz comes in for the 4th song, Over the clouds, which could potentially be a Taiko song since it's the opening theme song from God Eater, Namco's own spin on a big boss combat simulator. The song originated from a single by Chinese/Tibetan singer named Alan, which contains another song called Diamond. That song is used elsewhere though.

Though the chart gets quite busy in the end it's generally unobstrusive and relaxed, about the level of a 7* Oni, spread out over nearly 5 minutes of song. And, this is probably the first video for Made By You that isn't put on Autoplay!

Third Bemani representative song in this feature is by tetsutaro, also making it for osu!Taiko. This song is named Sorairo Concerto, by Qrispy Joybox, whose real name is Tatsuy Iyama. As his artist name might imply, Qrispy Joybox is associated with a particular adorable, upbeat style of music (and one of my personal favorite Bemani composers!), and usually makes songs for either GuitarFreaks/DrumMania or Reflec Beat, though the songs would usually be ported elsewhere.

As with Qrispy's songs on their native games, Sorairo Concerto on Taiko is made into an easy-to-follow and intuitive chart, hovering somewhere around 7* to 8* and perfect for practice. It doesn't get particularly stressful in any part, though that's perfectly fine.

Yusri Khairi shows up again with another of his full version anime song charts! This time it's the opening theme of Macross Frontier, Lion, which was released for Taiko 0 and even has a Ura Oni of its own, though there is no official chart for the full version of the song. Despite that, Yusri's chart is even harder than the official Ura, at 10* Oni with tons and tons of clusters. For five minutes! Want a Taiko marathon? Might wanna start training here!

Phew! That was tiring, but hang tight, just one last one! This Taikojiro chart is by me, for a YMCK song that is exclusive to a rhythm game other than Taiko. This was composed specially for Sega's Maimai GreeN, and upon playing the song you are treated to a video of pixelized versions of the YMCK members, Maimai's own mascot and various Sega game mascots taking a trip around the world on a plane.

As with Taiko no Tatsujin's own YMCK songs, it's fitting to have the chart be intuitive (though I made it quite note heavy) and have a small difficult part which makes it difficult to FC, like the 1/32 notes in Family Dondon.

And that's the end of a long, long feature! Hope you enjoyed it, and happy anniversary to the blog! Thank you all for your contributions!

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