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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Correction: 'Tonari no Totoro' not confirmed for Taiko Wii U

A lot of you might have caught the songlist page and the details page for Taiko Wii U and saw that Tonari no Totoro was one of the songs to be included as downloadable content. However this is not the case; the promotional material and the side view of the box for the game showed Tonari no Totoro in big letters, and it's easy to miss out the extremely fine print that says 'より' (from), with the actual name of the song in tiny dark blue letters. Sanpo (さんぽ) is the song, not Tonari no Totoro, and definitely not both at once...yet.

This was also the same case for the downloadable Tamagotchi song; originally we reported the title as "Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends (たまごっち!みらくるフレンズ)", however the song title turned out to be "Miracle☆Travel (みらくる☆トラベル) ", which comes from the anime season Tamagotchi Miracle Friends. So the pattern follows, and we did not realize the mistake until now.

The source we had was not fake; the problem was the advertising material being misleading.

We deeply apologize for the mistake and we have removed Tonari no Totoro from the songlist and all related announcement posts until we can be sure it is actually available for download.

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