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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (24 May 2012)- Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS story mode

Before we get started on today's updaThis is our 765th blog entry posted! Thank you all for the support!!...ahem.Today's entry on the Taiko Team blog is about the story mode in Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb, which we've seen bits and pieces of in the past month.

The prologue goes like this. At first there was a princess in some faraway kingdom. Her name is Soprano, and she is having a birthday party. Suddenly, Maou the evil clown appears, and steals the princess' voice. The voice is split up and stored in seven orbs, spread throughout the country.

Soprano's protector, Raruko the dragon, goes off in search of help. And that's when our favorite Taiko comes in! Yep, that's probably the gist of it. Why the princess' voice was stolen in the first place is not known yet, but we'll save that for launch day.

So what do we do now? Let's have some clear official art without any watermarks!

In order from top left: Don-chan, Raruko, Princess Soprano, Maou.

Then the focus is shifted to talking about how the rhythm battles in Taiko 3DS go, which is exactly the same as we remember it from past console games, bomb notes, obstacles, HP bars and all. The only difference is Raruko's special attacks. Each orb grants Raruko a power which he can use on the opponent. The fire orb does damage. I sure hope the other six don't do the same effects!

And that's about it. As for our 765th post, well that's one reason why there weren't any articles yesterday. Again thanks for all your support and keep on Taiko-ing!

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