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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (22 December 2011)- Wrapping the year up

Yep, this week is the last official blog update for the year. What a big bang 2010 has been eh? Oh yeah, the news for today.

Remember the network connection Taiko 0 has? Well, Namco are making use of it for the first time, in their first ever Taiko Online tournament! It won't be able to connect between different machines online for a real-time battle, but what can be done is scores can be submitted to the Donder Hiroba (again, Banapassport holders only) for anyone willing to join.

More details will be released on January 5, 2012, on the day the tournament begins. That's also the date for the next blog post too. 3 months left in Taiko's 10th anniversary and one big announcement left!

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  1. 'What a big bang 2010 has been eh?'

    Hmm, Uchuu SAMURAI's review is billionth times more interesting than a Taiko competition. A competition I can't join since the nearest Taiko arcade is MILES and MILES away...


  2. I start to wonder is there any more secret songs yet to be unlocked?

  3. @Lokamp: I wasn't referring the big bang to this week's news you know
    @Jia Yi: Namco actually said there will be even more secret songs. Probably through network or something....just like Konami's rhythm games then, they always give out secret songs through campaigns.