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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Background glitch returns in Taiko Wii Ketteiban

If anyone remembers this small glitch from Taiko Wii 3, the background change lags slightly when you move from genre to genre, resulting sometimes in the Namco Original genre getting the rainbow-colored BG from the Random Song select pane. That has been fixed in Taiko Wii 4, but with the addition of the + and - buttons to quickly swap between genres, it inadvertently caused the bug to reappear; there are several times where the background lags sufficiently to show a different color on different genres (orange background for Game Music, green background for Anime etc) if you spam the +/- buttons fast enough.

This is shown in the first few seconds of the video until....what. A pink background (Children/Folk genre)? That's not even in the game! Looks like the background is stuck between two different hues and froze in the middle!


  1. Wait, what's that '?' don?
    Is that costume select? (kisekae)

  2. Yes. It's a random select button for costumes.