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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX official update post

Like in Taiko Wii 3, this post will be updated automatically every time we learn something new about Taiko PSP DX from now until after release, as it seems players are finally starting to get their copies. Strange that Glaroid Room is out of action for this launch though. Spoiler alert, so click Read More to read the updates.

Now at 49 updates and counting. This post will be the first post until all details are known. For the latest blog entry, see the second post after this.

49. Non-HQ videos of the last 2 new Ura songs, Rinda wa Kyou mo Zekkouchou and Sport Digesdon. 598 notes and several speed up sections for the first one, 733 notes and several 1/6 clusters for the second one. Now the 5 new Ura Onis are grouped in the Ura Oni section of the site!
48. HQ videos of Heavy Rotation and Mata Saitama 2000. FINALLY!
47. Achievement system is basically a more organized way of presenting unlockables to the player. Most of the unlock conditions are exactly the same as in every console Taiko dating back to Taiko DS1 except laid out in a more organized way. The Taiko Counter unlocks are all in here as well.
46. HQ video of all difficulties of SORA-V Cosmic Bird
45. HQ video of MISTER, the 7* Variety song.
44. As already hinted by this post's comments, the Don Points scoring system is replaced by 78 game achievements; by completing each of them, random goodies are awarded (like Taiko hitsounds and songs/Ura modes). It's also disappeared the Bell note from the past PSP games; if the analog stick is tilted in-game, it can be heard a sound of a man, saying: "YO!"
43. HQ video of Taiyou mo Yapapa Ura. 8* with 549 notes.
42.  Dokon Dan makes a cameo in Taiko PSP DX, like every other console Taiko since DS2, this time as 2 different boss fights. Proof by Zekira:
41. Once the Story mode is completed and Cycle of Rebirth is unlocked, the Omikoji mode button becomes irreversibly LOCKED! However, it's possible in somehow to re-unlock it again and to try a Boss Rush mode, as already happened for the 3rd Ds game..
40. Full difficulty sets for all the unlockable/downloadable songs we've seen so far are revealed. Go to songlist for more details.
39. Canadea is sung by Mika Sato. This means it'll be featured in a Song series soon!
38. The downloadable Guts Guts!! is a 6-star song, with 289 notes. (Non-HQ video)
37. Non-HQ video of SMOKY THRILL, the Ponta & Lawson exclusive IdolM@ster song. 8* with 492 notes.
36. HQ video of Shiro Neko Caramel Mugen no Wata Ame, on Nicovideo. Sung by Kaori Aihara, who did SORA-IV and Total Eclipse 2035. 7*, 634 combo.
35. HQ video of Cycle of Reverse/Rivers/Rebirth (what the hell is this word supposed to be?) on Nicovideo.
34. Performed additional recount on song list: initial is 68 songs and not 61. Only two songs are unlocked, Mata Saitama 2000 and Cycle of Reverse, making for 70 songs, matching the advertised material. 10 Ura Onis. 10 total download songs as of July. There shouldn't be any more songs to unlock- which probably explains the lack of it. (note absence of Toccata and Fugue)
33. There is an additional unlockable song, this time concerning the Story mode: Cycle of Reverse (サイクル・オブ・リバース). This 9* song is the tune used for the last boss battle; its Max Combo value is 765.
 ----------------July 15 ^---------------July 14 V---------------------------
32. Latest post by Zekira with several details: Medley Mode plays entire songs back-to-back instead of picking bits out, the combo number can accumulate to ridiculous levels, and there's a '2000 combo!'sound by Don-chan. The results screen shows number of drumrolls, and your name can now consist of 6 characters instead of four. Lots of screenshots of Omikoji story mode in action too.
31. Video of Kimagure gameplay mod in action. Thanks anongos!
30. HQ video of Nagisa no Andromeda, which has its own special dancers. 8* Oni with 701 notes.
29. New gameplay modifier, Kimagure (きまぐれ), which turns note streams into random patterns without altering note position.
28. HQ videos for White Rose Insanity Ura and Pastel Dream, on Nicovideo.
27. As predicted, Pastel Dream has 765 notes for its 9* Oni.
26. The promotional song SMOKY THRILL has 8 stars on Oni, and 492 notes. (Non-HQ video here)
25. Non-HQ videos of Allnight de Indenai, Canadea, SORA-V Cosmic Bird
24. The entire starting songlist has full difficulty sets. Go to songlist for more details.
----------------July 14 ^---------------July 13 V---------------------------
23. Nagisa no Andromeda mp3 file. Thanks anongos!
22. Shiro Neko Caramel Mugen no Wata Ame and Inu Hoeru! both Oni 7*. That wraps up all new Namco Originals save for the new Ura Onis.
21. J-POP songs: Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe 4*, Heavy Rotation 6*, I Wish For You 5*, Arigatou 6*. Download song Nagisa no Andromeda 8*
20. Anime songs: No buts! is 7*, Lovers is 6*, Lion is 6*. Theme song DokoDON MatsuRhythm is 7*.
19. Pastel Dream will NOT be available for download until the official street date tomorrow. Other downloadable songs can be obtained now. Pending Nagisa no Andromeda.
18. Gekishou Ura confirmed at 999 notes (HQ video here). White Rose Insanity HQ video here. 8* Oni with 494 notes. Pending Ura Oni.
17. To unlock Oni on PSP DX, get 15 crowns on Muzukashii difficulty.
16. Miku no Gekishou Ura Oni reportedly has 999 notes. Three nines = 39 = Miku. Pending video.
15. MachineGun Kiss' Full Combo congratulations picture above.
14. Wanya World is 9* on Oni with 765 notes. HQ video here.
13. Allnight de Indenai is 8* Oni, Magical Little Spaceship is 7* Oni , Canadea is 9* Oni (source: Wanya World HQ video). Pending videos.
12. A bug exists in Taiko PSP DX, Autoplay can actually get 可 on certain hits. Watch the MachineGun Kiss video.
11. Regular Full Combo congratulations message is identical to Taiko Wii 2 and Wii 3, if you're asking.
10. HQ video of The world is all one!!. 6* on Oni with 495 notes. Like the rest of the cameo character songs with videos so far, has its own congratulations message on Full Combo, shown above.
9. HQ video of new Monster Hunter Medley. 8* with 733 notes. Beginning part is the end part of the old medley. Also has its own Full Combo message, shown above.
8. Miku no Gekishou has its own Full Combo congratulations message, unlike the rest of the game. Seen above.
7. HQ video for MachineGun Kiss.6* Oni with 383 notes.
6. SORA-V Cosmic Bird is 8* Oni (Source: Wanya World HQ video)
5. Miku ne Gekishou has 703 notes, the first in the series to not have '39' at the end of the combo number.
4. Mata Saitama 2000 is unlocked at 99999 hits on the counter.
(first three covered by Lokamp in previous posts, this is just for compilation of all info)
3. A Taiko counter indeed exists in Taiko PSP DX (source), and mostly serves as the main source for unlocking Ura Oni difficulties only. New Ura Oni includes Taiyou mo Yapapa (8*), Sports Digestion (9*), Rinda wa Kyou mo Zekkouchou (9*).
2. Hatsune Miku no Gekishou is 10* for both regular and Ura difficulties.
1. White Rose Insanity is 8* Oni, with 9* Ura Oni. Ao no Senritsu is 10* with 933 notes (HQ video here) BPM is 196.


  1. To be exactly, Ao no Senritsu has 933 notes, not 900..

  2. Gekushou ura notes... they're being lazy.

  3. that's weird, saturday july 13 2013??

  4. An exploit used to pin a specific blog post as the first, while making new entries below it :3

  5. Just keep changing the date to something so later? :P

  6. Err I think the title "Cycle of Rebirth" actually makes more sense, I dunno. I haven't unlocked the song yet...

  7. You know what? Now I think 'Toccata and Fugue' was just placeholder text to conceal a song name :P

  8. Either that, or it was scrapped before the game went gold.

  9. Also maybe the one who made the rock version of toccata and fugue could feel offended.. lol jk
    But there aren't unlockables for play 100~200 times?

  10. All costumes, from what I've heard

  11. Something small: At least according to the achievements list of DX, a perfect full combo (no white notes) is referred to as a "Donderfull Combo"(ドンだフルコンボ).

  12. ^ Official name for 全良. If it's not, it should be :D

  13. Holy shit, is there a costume unlocked by getting a Donderfull Combo?

    Beacuse if there is then I'll hump Kantan for a while

    ...or is there a Donderfull Combo achievement for each difficulty? NOOOOOOOOOOO

  14. Also there are around 80 Achievements to be achieved. Included in these achievements are the guest franchise "Suki" and "Fan" achievements, which unlock the guest character costumes. Playing the Kantan diff of the franchise song nets you the Suki achievement, while the Futsuu diff gives you the Fan achievement. Suki gives you the headpiece while Fan gives you the body piece.

  15. No costume unlock for that achievement. It instead gives you a new neiro/hitsound. Dunno what it's called, can't read it.

  16. Someone please tell me that there's a Miko-chan hitsound somewhere ♥

  17. Entry 41 is wrong: You can enter Omikoji Battle again by passing Cycle of Rebirth on play mode. Not sure which difficulty, but as soon as i completed story mode i played it on oni, passed, and then a cutscene happened. Then i could enter Omikoji Battle mode again. There you can finish the challenges and fight the bosses again, which includes a Boss Rush mode.

  18. Whew, I'm glad it's not definitely locked!

    Even if I haven't re-opened it yet. I've also played on Oni the Cycle of Rebirth on Oni and Muzukashii, but nothing happened. Maybe there is a specific achievement to clear in order to see the Omikoji mode again..

  19. Actually I thought is first Pass Cycle Of Rebirth, then wait until the next day roll over (0:00AM), or something like that.
    Or maybe it's because I passed that song on 11:50PM, who knows.

  20. Hmm, i think you're right nemoma. I beat the game and passed Cycle of Rebirth in the timespan of 11:50 ~ 00:10 or so. Maybe some of the mails could make that clear, but i did not bother to read all of them. =/

  21. Correction: Dokon Dan is not only a cameo, but they serve as your Second Boss Fight. Song used is Densetsu no Matsuri. Chart is a modified Oni chart.

  22. Re-correction: the Dokon Dan gang doesn't appear only for the 2nd Boss Battle! In the 3rd it challenges again Don with Dokon, too!

  23. #44 is misleading: the hit counter is still there; all the achievements page does is to tell you that you can actually get something from reaching a certain number of something, including the hit counter achievements.

  24. I meant the Don Point system, sweetie ;P

  25. Yeah; I just thought that the removal of the Don Points system was kinda obvious