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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Song of the Week! 23 July 2011


Today, another user request! A Japanese version of a well-known classic. Think you know which song it is?

 Mickey Mouse March (ミッキーマウス・マーチ) --- Old ---
Allx3 (???)x4 (215)x4 (295)x8 (488)
 Taiko 6

 Mickey Mouse March (ミッキーマウス・マーチ) --- New ---
Taiko 7 to 9, Taiko PS2 5x3 (132)x4 (213)x4 (282)x8 (496)
Taiko 10 onwards, Taiko Wii 1, Taiko Wii Ux3 (132)x4 (213)x4 (282)x7 (496)
 Taiko 7 to 14 (excluding 11 and 12 Asian), Taiko PS2 5, Taiko Wii 1, Taiko Wii U
 March -> Variety

Loved by generations of kids, this Variety song is a translated (to Japanese, no less) and rearrangement of the opening theme of the same name for the TV show The Mickey Mouse Club, broadcasted on weekday afternoons in the US from October 1955 to 1959, on the ABC television network. As the official song for Disney's oldest mascot, the show also featured most of the most memorable characters of the company, such as Donald Duck, Goofy, the Three Pigs, Jiminy Cricket and more. The original song was written by the Mickey Mouse Club host Jimmie Dodd, and it was published by Hal Leonard Corporation on July 1, 1955. The guitarist Dodd, hired as a songwriter by Walt Disney, also wrote almost all the songs for the children's show.

The Taiko version of Mickey Mouse March comes from the Japanese album Mosh Pit On Disney, released in 2004. This musical collection features punk rock and ska renditions of various Disney songs, performed by both Japanese and American artists and sung in Engrish. Andrew W.K.'s version of the Mickey Mouse March made its debut in the 6th Taiko arcade, together with one of the Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade themes, BAROQUE HOEDOWN (this song's ID is 'dis1', while Baroque is 'dis2').

There aren't many differences between the two Taiko versions of the Mickey Mouse March, aside from the lyrics and note count. The marching band rhythm is a natural fit for 1/12 and 1/24 clusters, and for a 7* song, there are quite a few places in the new version that can potentially trip up first-timers.


  1. I'm surprised for this theme survive all these arcade versions..
    Also, does my Metal Hawk BGM 1 request still there?

  2. Ah lol, I've been putting it off for way too long :P