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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Twitter Snippets (April 23rd, 2020) - A New Family of Taiko-Themed Surveys

One month has gone since the latest post for the Taiko no Tatsujin official blog, yet the wait for the next entry still rages on... On its place, today we got the announcment of a new line of  public polls, pertaining new song brainstorming for the newly-launched arcade firmware generation. Starting from today and fruible through the link provided in the above-embeded tweet, everyone can join a short poll in order to let the Taiko Team go which songs who are elegible to enter in the Pops genre (ie. J-Pop tracks and other popular/public-domain pieces pertainable to other genres) would they like to see ported into Nijiiro Version next, in the same fashion as of last year's Touhou Project-oriented poll.

Like for the previous anonymous poll, some other questions will be asked before submitting the song suggestion, both related to the individual (gender/age range/occupation/Japanese prefecture of residence) as well as some minor details about Taiko gaming habits (how often do you play the series' games/which difficulty setting is the more often played). Drawing another parallel with the past Touhou poll, this poll will run for one week (ending on April 29th) and its results won't be publicly disclosed.

According to the poll's very first page, there are plans to hold similar polls in the future for the other song genres as well, with the very next entries to be subject of poll scrutiny being the Anime and Vocaloid genre in that order, with no other detail penned for each as of yet.

For those of you who ventures beyond the jump, hi again for another post-credits reading treat! In these dire times of pandemic-related living restrictions, last week it was issued this tweet, inviting the Taiko Team's Twitter account viewers to come up with an original Taiko avatar design in the replies.

While not decision-binding, the same tweet mentioned how it might spark the inspiration for new official Kisekae outfits to be featured in official titles in the future!

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